Crewed Yacht Charter in Zadar

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Crewed Yacht Charter in Zadar

Zadar is located in Croatia and more than 200,000 people live in this city. Also, this city have a 3000 year historical structure, so there are a lot of historical buildings from different civilizations which had lived near Adriatic Sea. It means that there are a lot of places to see in Zadar, so we offer you to have a special blue cruise around Zadar city, Croatia. We offer the best crewed yacht charter services in Zadar, so you will have an amazing Zadar experience with our special blue cruise routes if you want to discover Dalmatian coasts and wonderful historical buildings. This region offers a wonderful summer season for its visitors.

What is BEST OFFER ? 

Historically, the castle, the ramparts and the old city are at the forefront. They have quite old churches, damaged after the bombing of the old city, but they have reinstated the city with the help of Unesco and the European Union. The pearl of the Adriatic is a place where Croatia's Zadar region and the most beautiful sunset of the world, that must be seen with magnificent Dalmatian homes. This city is also known as the "birthplace of Croatian culture".

Why Crewed Yachts ?

As Gulet Broker Yachting, which is one of the most successful yacht rental providers in Zadar, we offer the best crewed yacht charter services for our visitors. If you want to discover the amazing Zadar coasts and bays, also historical places and museums in the city, you will find what you want with our special yachts and gulets. Our yachts are luxurious and designed for your relax with professional and experienced crew. You can try our best offer concept to get the most cheapest offer in the date you prefer. You can fill the best offer form below.