What is Best Offer ?

The concept of "BEST OFFER" is developed by our company for you to get the ideal offer for your location and time period.

How does "BEST OFFER" works ?

If you decided where you'll have a blue cruise holiday and when you'll go holiday, you can get your best offer. You can use the BEST OFFER box to find the best price available for your date and location.

Choose your location and holiday date

Choose your yacht type

Provide contact details

If you have, please write all your special requests

Finally, click Submit button to send

Terms of Conditions "BEST OFFER"

  • After submitting your demand, our customer representatives will contact you in a short time. They will offer the best avaliable yacht or gulet (which possible) in your determined time period and destination. If there is no available yacht or gulet for your, we will offer the best available date and destination for you.

  • If you confirm your offer, and if you make required pre-payment, your reservation will be ready. After confirmation, our customer representatives will provide you all the details about the process of your reservation.

  • There is no obligation to give the cheapest price in the market, we only give the best yacht & location & price combination for you. 

  •  You can find the "BEST OFFER" demand form below the yacht charter pages in our website.

  • You can find a "BEST OFFER" demand form below and you can get a quick offer in 10 seconds.