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When we look at the yacht charter in Turkey concept, the country has all the ingredients for your perfect yacht charter. Turkey offers some of the best Sailing locations in the world. The summer months offer unbroken sunshine, during the afternoon light north westerly breezes afford perfect opportunities for opening the sails. Alternatively,  the chance to select one of the many secluded and sheltered coves to relax. The natural and rugged landscape and contrasting lush pine and olive clad mountains fall steeply into the sea thus giving the possibility to anchor close to shore. 
Beautiful clear seas, the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet on the South Western tip of the Turkish coastline. Plus, there is the close proximity of the Greek Islands, traditional villages, picturesque harbours and Internationally reknowned historic sites. A full compliment of well equipped marinas offering the full range of yachting services. Plus, experienced qualified personnel. Everything is geared up to supply everything you could possibly need and at a competitive price. 
Destinations are many and dotted along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline; Kuşadası, Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye And Antalya are some of the major destinations and these are served by International airports. As soon as you depart the harbour you are free to enjoy this famous and beautiful Blue Cruise route and all it has to offer. Also Greek Island possibilities that are within easy reach. Make your own itininery, or follow one of the popular routes making a perfect weekly voyage. There is so much on offer, you can never tire of this region,  its richness in natural beauty and places of interest to visit, whilst enjoying perfect Sailing conditions. Truly a Sailing paradise!  

What is BEST OFFER ? 

When you heard the word of "summer holiday”, Bodrum is one of the most popular destinations which comes to your mind in Turkey. There are a lot of places to see in this city like Bodrum Castle, amazing beaches and bays, historical buildings. Today, Bodrum is an important blue cruise destination, so millions of tourists from different countries all around the world prefer Bodrum to have an amazing blue cruise experience. In addition, there are a lot of blue cruise routes which are organizing between Bodrum and Greek Islands. If you want to discover the amazing Aegean Sea and Dodocanese, you can find all the details of yacht charter services in Bodrum in this page.


Valley of the Butterflies, Ölüdeniz, Saklıkent Canyon, Tlos and Çalış Beach… Are you ready to discover all these amazing natural beauties ? If your answer is "yes”, we offer you a blue cruise experience with our special yacht charter services in Fethiye. You can choose your yacht, date and other special options in our website and make a reservation easily.

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Affordable Yacht Charter Options

Whether you are looking for a small Sailing Yacht, Catamaran, Turkish wooden Gulet or the ultimate Motor Yacht. All Yacht Charters are offered here in Turkey, a whole range of vessels to cover all possible requirements and budgets. You can captain your own yacht, or hire an experienced Captain, daily or weekly as required. Sail in a flottila, or be pampered by a full compliment of crew onboard a gulet or Motor Yacht. Your perfect sea holiday, as active or relaxed as you wish to be, you choose. 

2018 Early Reservation

For early bookers most operators, agencies and owners offer favourable discounts, plus you have the advantage of availability of your ideal choice of yacht charter. For more detailed information on any of these topics browse our website, or contact us directly and one our consultants will be happy to assist you create your perfect cuise, tailoring things to  suit your needs.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Of course, we offer you special discounts if you want to use our early reservation solutions for the summer season of 2017. You can check the details and advantages of early reservation concept via clicking here.

How is the process of yacht rental ?

There are 2 main alternatives about getting an offer from our customer representatives. BEST OFFER is the first option, you can get the cheapest alternative for the date and location you prefer. You can find the BEST OFFER form below the page. On the other hand, you can follow the 4-step reservation process to choose a yacht and get an offer.

Yacht Charter in Turkey

Gulet Azura
Base Port : Marmaris
€ 714 per day
Gulet Bedia Sultan
35M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Marmaris
€ 3.000 per day
Gulet Bella Mare
38M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum
€ 4.000 per day
Gulet Blue Capricorn
30M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum
€ 1.250 per day

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