Yacht Rental in Greek Islands

When we look at Aegean Sea and Dodecanese region, the concept of blue cruise has developed so much at the last years. Especially, Greek tourism became so popular at the last times of 1980s. So, many people started to prefer the amazing atmosphere of Aegean coasts and islands for a memorable summer holiday. The main investment area of Greece is the tourism sector. Especially, in the Greek islands, you can find a lot of tourism facilities and activities. Recently, many foreign tourists have started to demand for discovering the Dodecanese region and amazing bays in Aegean Sea and nearby coasts. We can say there are a lot of important historical and natural destinations in the Greek islands. So, we offer the best yacht rental services in Greek islands.

The most important feature of the Greek geography is the inclusion of numerous island and island groups. In addition, island culture has an important place in the Greek society. The number of Greek islands is around 6,000. Only 600 of these islands are open to residence and allowed to be built, but a large part of them can be visited on a day-to-day basis or camped. Discovering the Greek islands and Aegean coasts is so easy today with our special yacht rental solutions. We offer different kinds of special gulets, yachts and boats with professional crew for you in affordable prices. You can check all the alternatives of yachts and gulets in Greek islands in below this page. After choosing your suitable yacht and date, you can send inquiry to ask if the boat is available and price of it for the selected holiday period. Let's mention about the Dodecanese region briefly.

What is BEST OFFER ? 

Rhodes Island

With all the amazing natural and historical places, Rhodes welcomes all visitors kindly. Rhodes is the largest island in the Aegean Sea. The island is quite beautiful and joyful and is one of the most popular islands in Dodecanese region. Rhodes is also known as "Knight's Island". The Rhodes castle built by the temple knights of the city which is one of the most remarkable structures. Rhodes Island has a unique specialty to see the sun 300 days a year. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred places for tourists who especially enjoy during summer holidays. With its beaches, natural beauties and medieval neighborhoods, Rhodes is a unique paradise for tourists. The historic city of Rhodes from the Middle Ages is at the status of World heritage. Today's Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and Greece.

Thassos Island

If your expectation is a beautiful sea, wonderful beaches and a sense of holiday, Thassos will definitely exceed your expectations. There are a few beautiful beaches in the island that you should definitely see. At the last years, Thassos Island has become one of the most important blue cruise destinations in many tours' routes. If you want to discover this island and amazing bays of it, you should prefer renting a yacht and experiencing the amazing nature of Aegean Sea.

Easy 4-Steps Reservation

With our special easy 4-steps reservation process, you can complete your booking in 10 minutes. After choosing your yacht, you can send your enquiry and get an offer from our customer representative. After receiving the offer, if you confirm it, your reservation process will be completed. You will see the booking process in the four steps table below.

How is the process of yacht rental ?

There are 2 main alternatives about getting an offer from our customer representatives. BEST OFFER is the first option, you can get the cheapest alternative for the date and location you prefer. You can find the BEST OFFER form below the page. On the other hand, you can follow the 4-step reservation process to choose a yacht and get an offer.

Gulet Aegean Schatz
30M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Athens
€ 2.500 per day
Gulet Arabella
30M | 4 CABINS | 8 GUESTS 
Base Port : Corfu
€ 3.000 per day
Gulet Alessandro
40M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS 
Base Port : Corfu
€ 5.000 per day
Gulet Sea Comet
30M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Athens
€ 4.000 per day
Gulet Holiday 10
39M | 10 CABINS | 20 GUESTS 
Base Port : Bodrum
€ 2.400 per day
Gulet Efsane Karayigit
30M | 8 CABINS | 16 GUESTS 
Base Port : Marmaris
€ 1.000 per day

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