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As Gulet Broker Yachting, we are proud to announce the amazing "2018 Early Booking" concept for our special visitors. This year, the concept of early booking with special advantages has extra features. For 2018, you can prefer early booking concept in 2017, so you will have at least 10% discount for both Croatia and Turkey destinations. There are a lot of popular blue cruise destinations like Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. On the other hand, Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris are the major tourism destinations of Turkey in the point where Aegean and Mediterranean Sea merge. You can see the major destinations of blue cruise services of us in the table below both in Croatia and Turkey.

Early Booking in Croatia

A gulet charter in Croatia for 2018 is the perfect way to visit many of the places we have selected for you plus theremany more of course,we have chosen our 10 favourite places to visit during your private charter in Croatia, dont take our word for it. Visit these
wonderful places for yourself on a Croatian adventure and yacht rental in 2018. Croatia is an ever popular area for gulet holidays, 2018 reservations are already being made so dont miss your chance to visit the Dalmatian coast and enjoy all a private gulet holiday has to offer you, a family holiday ,a cruise with friends , anniversary and birthday celebrations, a romantic getaway or honeymoon.Gulet charter in Croatia is the perfect choice for your 2018 sailing holiday in Croatia. 


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What is Blue Cruise ?

Generally, the concept of blue cruise means having a yacht or gulet tour around amazing bays, beaches and natural destinations in a determined time period with a special route. Blue cruise is organized in different destinations which are located closely with each other. In different countries, there will be different blue cruise routes. For Croatia, most popular route is Dubrovnik - Split - Korcula - Zadar - Dubrovnik.

Best Offer & Early Reservation

The concept of best offer provides the best yacht and location combination for the selected date. You will get your special offer by filling our best offer form. On the other hand, if you want to get extra discount (up to 20%), you can make early reservation for the next summer season for different locations where our company provides services.

What is best offer ?


Cruise between Split and Dubrovnik visiting the many famous Islands along the way, or even start your cruise in Montenegro and sail to Split. We can even offer you 2 weeks charter sailing as far as Venice. The possibilities are endless and memories of a gulet cruise are priceless. We can offer yacht rental in Croatia from various bases including Split, Trogir, Sibenik,Zadar and Dubrovnik along with yacht rental in Montenegro from Tivat and Kotor.

*Please use "Best offer" form below the page, and please don't forget to choose date as 2018 to benefit from the amazing early booking discounts.

Early Booking in Turkey

Are you ready to discover the amazing historical buildings and natural beauties in Turkey ? If your answer is "yes", we invite you to get your best early booking offer in different destinations like Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris in Turkey. The concept of blue cruise has become so popular in Aegean Sea and Dodocanese Region. So, if you want to discover this amazing geography with amazing beaches and bays all around the coasts, we offer the best crewed yacht charter services in Turkey for different destinations. With choosing Turkish blue cruise concept, you will have a chance to see Greek Islands, because many blue cruise routes have different Greek Islands near the Turkish cities like Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. 

You will have at least 10% discount if you make your reservation today for the summer season of 2018. Indeed, we have 5 main destinations in Turkey like Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Göcek and Bozburun. You can prefer which one you want. After your early booking process and approval, you will be ready to enjoy at amazing Turkish beaches and bays in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

*Please use "Best offer" form below the page, and please don't forget to choose date as 2018 to benefit from the amazing early booking discounts.

How can I make early booking ?

There are two main options to begin the early booking process in Gulet Broker Yachting company. Firstly, you can get your "BEST OFFER" in the yacht charter pages of different locations like Croatia and Turkey or you can fill the "BEST OFFER" form below. Secondly, you can choose a yacht or gulet and get an offer manually by contacting us. The concept of best offer provides the best possible price and yacht combination on your selected date. If you use best offer option, please don't forget to choose date as 2018 to benefit from the amazing early booking discounts

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