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All-inclusive Gulet Cruises

All-inclusive Gulet Cruises

Most gulets offer similar all inclusive packages, when quoting their weekly rates. These rates generally include things such as the yacht and crew rental, fuel allowance (enough for a weekly charter based on approximately 4 hours of motor usage daily) Also, includes some hours of air condtioning usage. Bed linen, standard harour fees and some water sports. Some gulets offerpackages to include allwater and soft drinks and maybe alcohol. Those that don’t, can be organised by your broker, who can customise great value packages to include soft drinks,or alcohol as desired. Nobody wants to arrive for their gulet holiday, having to do shopping, where local products and prices may be confusing. Therefore, it makes sense to organise ahead, so everything is prepared for your arrival.


Additional costs would be perhaps if you wanted to visit different private harbours, or countries,where extra formalities are required,and charges are incurred. High quality gulets sometimes use a different system known as APA, these additional expenses are covered by the Advance Provisioning Allowance. Which is usually 30% of the charter fee. The APA covers the cost of fuel, food, wines and liquors, docking, communications, etc. The Captain takes responsibility for this and keeps a detailed record and any adjustments made at the end of the charter.

So, before you make a final decision, have a good chat with your broker to see what will best suit your group. Then all can be organised ahead and put in place for your arrival. When you arrive to embark, your gulet will be cleaned and restocked to your requirements.

Gulet Deniz Felix Balina, Gulet Charter in Fethiye
from:€ 10,500
per week

34M - 8 CABINS - 16 GUESTS
Fethiye / Turkey

Gulet Diamond Lila, Gulet Charter in Bodrum
from:€ 8,750
per week

30M - 6 CABINS - 12 GUESTS
Bodrum / Turkey

Gulet Entre Cielos, Gulet Charter in Greece
from:€ 21,000
per week

32M - 6 CABINS - 12 GUESTS
Athens / Greece

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