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Day bay day, Fethiye's popularity is increasing between foreign tourists. Especially, tourists who love blue cruise started to prefer Fethiye and amazing Aegean & Mediterranean Coasts to have a memorable Turkey experience. You can start discovering amazing Fethiye coasts and beaches with joining a blue cruise adventure. When we look Fethiye as historical or natural perspective, we can see that there are a lot of historical buildings and natural beauties. Especially, Ölüdeniz and The Valley of the Butterflies are the major symbols of Fethiye. You can have amazing moments in different bays and beaches of Fethiye. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best services of blue cruises in Fethiye with our professional cabin crew and luxury yachts and gulets.


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The blue cruise routes are so important if you want to start discovering Fethiye coasts with the true places. The main routes are Fethiye - Kos- Rodos - Fethiye and Fethiye - Göcek - Fethiye. Also, there are a lot of other alternatives for your blue cruise adventure. Fethiye is one of the leading tourism centers of Turkey with its natural beauties and historical riches. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey in recent years. For this reason, touristic investments in the region have been intensified and many facilities have been built. Oludeniz in Belceğiz is at the head of the region that attracts the most tourists in the province. Oludeniz, which is connected to the Mediterranean with a narrow strait, is a kind of calm lake. Forests begin at the end of the coastal beaches. Also, the Knight Island, which is famous for its beaches opposite Fethiye, is also important for tourism.

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