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Symi is one of the most important historical islands in Dodecanese Region of Aegean Sea. There are some wonderful historical buildings and natural beauties in the island. The municipal Clock Tower, built in 1881, was built by the famous sculptor Valsamis. The historic tower gives nostalgic atmosphere to the center of Simi. Archangel Mikhael Monastery, located on the seaside of Simi Island on the south-west, is the island's most famous and magnificent structure. Built in the early 18th century, where the priests still live, this monastery houses unique Byzantine frescoes and icons carved into complex shapes. Besides the natural beauties of Symi Island, there are a lot of places to see all around the island. If you want to discover Symi deeply, we offer the best services of blue cruises in Symi Islands with our special yachts and gulets.

The Symi Island, the secluded villages with its monasteries, the neoclassical charming little houses, the narrow streets and the coves, and the visitors are amazed by the visitors. Narrow paths in Symi Island, which has beautiful beaches, lead visitors to the depths of history. Finally, we can say, we offer you to have an amazing Symi experience with renting a yacht or gulet.

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Generally, the concept of blue cruise means having a yacht or gulet tour around amazing bays, beaches and natural destinations in a determined time period with a special route. Blue cruise is organized in different destinations which are located closely with each other. In different countries, there will be different blue cruise routes. For Greece, most popular route is Athens - Rhodes - Kos - Athens.

Recommended Yachts in Greek Islands

Gulet Aegean Schatz
30M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Athens
€ 2.500 per day
Gulet Arabella
Base Port : Corfu
€ 3.000 per day
Gulet Alessandro
40M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Corfu
€ 5.000 per day
Gulet Holiday 10
39M | 10 CABINS | 20 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum
€ 2.400 per day

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