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Boat Rental in Greece offers many possibilities and a wonderful mix of history, culture, nature and of course the world famous Greek cuisine .Several of the Greek Isles are very close to the Turkish coastline so we can offer a perfect gulet charter combining these two historic and wonderful culturally rich countries, boat rental in Greece can encompass a large area, South Dodecenese visiting Rodes,tilos,Halki and Symi or North Dodecanese visiting Nisiros,Kos,Lipsi and Patmos are two of the most popular routes.

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese, with many transport connections to other Greek islands and nearby Marmaris, Turkey. Kos is also very popular and very close to Bodrum in Turkey. With all these factors combined boat rental Greek Islands is a great option to explore and discover all Greece has to offer. Please contact our team who will happily help assist with your Boat rental in the Greece.

Most Popular Sailing Destinations in Greece

Gulet Charter Rhodes | Greece


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Rhodes | Greece.

Gulet Charter Symi | Greece


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Symi | Greece.

Gulet Charter Kos | Greece


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Kos | Greece.

Gulet Charter Athens | Greece


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Athens | Greece.

Gulet Charter Corfu | Greece


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Corfu | Greece.

When you also consider the favourable climate, unbroken summer sunshine, varying winds for sailing, lots of history and culture, traditional villages and historic ruins, together with the famed healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet! Utilising fresh local produce. All that is offered in Greece, provides a perfect region to explore, relax and enjoy! What better to do this than sailing, or cruising on a suitable boat option.

Every type of boat option is possible in Greece, from a small sailing yacht to cruise liner. So, all kinds of needs and budgets, can be accommodated. If you have never sailed, or cruised on a crewed yacht before, it need not be expensive and everyone from a single traveller, to a large group, can accomplish this. Our company has been organising all kinds of yacht charters, for many years and we are here to help you achieve your dream holiday within your means. With so many options available. You are certain to enjoy a wonderful adventure, enjoying the outdoor life, at one with nature, a truly memorable experience.

Recommended Gulets in Greece

Sailing Holidays Greece
30M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Athens | Greece
Sailing Holidays Greece
30M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Athens | Greece
Sailing Holidays Greece
40M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Corfu | Greece
Sailing Holidays Greece
Corfu | Greece
Sailing Holidays Greece
32M | 8 CABINS | 16 GUESTS
Kos | Greece
Sailing Holidays Greece
35M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Bodrum | Turkey
Sailing Holidays Greece
31M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Marmaris | Turkey

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