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Sailing yacht charter in Montenegro
Kotor is one of the most popular tourism locations of Montenegro. At the last years, this city started to attract a serious amount of investment from different countries of the world. So, the popularity of the tourism region increased so much. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best services of boat rental in Kotor with our professional and experienced cabin crew. There are many hidden paradises to discover around Kotor. Kotor city, located on the coast of Montenegro, is an important tourism center with a population of about 15 thousand. The city is a natural harbor with four gulfs connected to each other. The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage list with its natural beauties and unique history. There are many different ethnic groups in the city, which host thousands of visits each year from different cities of the world. Kotor, a quiet experience, is a city frequented by large passenger ships and yachts. The Kotor Castle is one of the places that must be visited in the city. The fortress, which has a panoramic view of the city, is a very important point of attraction for the city. There are narrow streets, restaurants and churches in the castle.

The Most Popular Boat Rental Destinations in Montenegro

Mediterranean climate is seen in Kotor and the best time to visit is usually spring and summer, when the weather is warm. In the city you can find events and festivals every month of the year. If you want, you can visit the city during various activity periods and participate in festivals. You can find something to enjoy every hour of the day in the city, which has a very rich nightlife.

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Generally, the concept of blue cruise means having a yacht or gulet tour around amazing bays, beaches and natural destinations in a determined time period with a special route. Blue cruise is organized in different destinations which are located closely with each other. In different countries, there will be different blue cruise routes. For Croatia, most popular route is Dubrovnik - Split - Korcula - Zadar - Dubrovnik.

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