Gulet Yacht Charter in Corfu

Corfu is located in the beautiful clear blue water s of the Ionian Sea, this wonderful Greek island leaves its visitors enchanted famous for a rich and cultural history beautiful scenery and architecture dating back to the Venetian era, Corfu has been a popular destination for many many years a perfect blend of beauty culture and history.

Corfu’s  old town reflects on influences from days gone by with traces of Roman, Greek Byzantine, French, British and Venetian occupancy to be discovered as you wander through the narrow alley ways and come upon iconic land marks such as the Spianada square which is one of the largest squares in all of Greece also you will come across the fortresses which protected Corfu in the ancient times and be able to enjoy the beautiful promenade as you immerse yourself in the deep and cultural history of the old town .

There is not only the rich history to entice you to visit Corfu Greece,there is also the stunning scenery and landscapes for those of you who prefer to be a little more active then the Corfu trail will be just what you are looking for, you will discover the diversity of Corfu’s landscape as you wander though quaint traditional villages and lush forests Corfu is also one of the greenest of the Greek isles hike up to the islands highest point the famous Angelokastro fortress and enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the landscape and a glimpse into the Medieval past of Corfu. Also take the time to go off the trail a little and visit some old traditional Greek villages where you will be assured the warmest of welcomes and enjoy the simpler life while enjoying famous Greek hospitality.

Corfu also has an amazing kitchen which reflects the islands complete diversity here you will find dishes that are found nowhere else created from a mix of Middle Eastern and Italian influences. The famous local delicacies include sofrito, bourdeti and pastitsada a must try for the food lovers among you. In the old town you will find many local tavernas and also higher end restaurants where you can indulge in the freshest sea food and the wonderful local cuisine.

Therefore, we fully recommend Corfu as a base for your gulet yachts, with the perfect mix of rich culture and stunning scenery Corfu will leave you captivated and definitely planning a return visit to this wonderful island.

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