Gulet Charter in Turkey

Gulet Charter in Turkey

Gulet Charter Turkey is the original and most arguably the best destination for all possible types of gulet charters. Turkey is the home of the classic gulet charter route known by many as the famous blue cruise. Plus Turkey is the home of gulet building and everything required to ensure an amazing charter experience for you and your guests. The lengthiness of the gullets changes from 14m length to 50m length and the number of cabins change from 3 to 16. Every cabin in the gullets has its own private bathroom facilities and air conditions. The crew members who are a chef, service men, sailor and captain (hostess if you rent a deluxe yacht) welcome you with their smiling face and hospitality.

Gulet charter Turkey, where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea, offering clean seas, a wonderful warm sunny climate. An interesting and stunning coastline, with the added advantage of being able to visit the closely located Greek isles. A great travel network, connecting several International airports, that are well served with flights from all over the world, particularly, during the summer months.


Make Your Dream Holidays in Turkey Come True


Turkey also has an incredible, history, unrivalled places of interest for sightseeing, a colourful culture and an extremely tasty, healthy and varied cuisine. Not forgetting the famous Turkish hospitality, where nothing is too much trouble to ensure visitors comfort and atruly unforgettable experience for all! Gulet charter in Turkey can offer you a great range of base ports to embark on your charter, Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum and Gocek are the most popular choice for embarkation, whether you want to include, shopping nightlife, or tranquil and natural. In these coastlines, there are so many amazing towns and bays that you will feel grateful one more time for this holiday. Generally, you see 2 bays in a day; have a breakfast with beautiful scenery and have lunch and swim other beautiful scenery. These bays or islands charm you with their nature, history and colourful sea.

Turkey can provide all of these options, to best suit you and your guests own individual needs. The range and choice for gulets and yachts available for Gulet charter Turkey, is second to no into your gulet charter in Turkey the possibilities are endless and varied. Gulets are still built in Turkey today by local craftsmen in the traditional way, to the latest technical and safety requirements, whilst maintaining their charm, space and comfort and well-known service. Also Turkey can provide options for all other types of yachts to charter and discover this fantastic region perfect for sailing.

Most Popular Routes in Turkey

Marmaris | Fethiye

Marmaris » Ekincik Bay »
Göcek » Fethiye »
Aga Limani » Kadirga »

Sailing Holidays in Turkey
Marmaris | Fethiye | Marmaris

Göcek | Kekova

Göcek » Ölüdeniz »
Kas » Kekova »
Üçagiz » Kalkan »
Yassica Bay » Gocek

Sailing Holidays in Turkey
Göcek | Kekova | Göcek

Bodrum | Gökova

Bodrum » Çökertme »
Seven Islands » Cleopatra »
Sedir Island » Kerme Bay »

Sailing Holidays in Turkey
Bodrum | Gökova | Bodrum

Turkey provides a wonderful introduction to any type of sea vacation, whether you want to experience this type of holiday for the first time. Or alternatively, if you are experienced in sailing, there are so many options and places to explore. Or simply chill out in this heavenly environment and enjoy the wonderful panorama and hospitality. you will certainly not be disappointed with a gullet charter in Turkey, Cruise beautiful Turkish islands and bays.

The average temperatures are as below during the summer months for popular sailing areas in Turkey.

May & October 24 ℃ / 75.2 ℉
June & September 28 ℃ / 82.4 ℉
July & August 30 ℃ / 86 ℉

Most Popular Sailing Destinations in Turkey

Yacht Charter Antalya / Turkey
Yacht Charter Marmaris / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Marmaris / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Bodrum / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Bodrum / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Fethiye / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Fethiye / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Gocek / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Gocek / Turkey.

As a specialist private gulet charter provider our reputation is established on long years of experience providing gulet charter and superior customer service. We can assure you we only work in collaboration with gulets where we personally know very well the gulet Captain and crew. You can rely on us about cleaning and friendliness. We visit our gulet fleet regularly and by taking your specific preferences before your gulet charter in Turkey begins, we can offer the perfect service to our guests, our close contact with captain and crew ensure your cruise is everything you could wish for and more.

Please contact us today for more information our dedicated team are happy to assist with every aspect of your gulet charter in Turkey.

Recommended Gulet in Turkey

Gulet Caferoglu 7
39M | 11 CABINS | 22 GUESTS
Base Port : Marmaris / Turkey
€ 1.250 per day
Gulet Azura
Base Port : Marmaris / Turkey
€ 714 per day
Gulet Bedia Sultan
35M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Marmaris / Turkey
€ 3.000 per day
Gulet Bella Mare
38M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum / Turkey
€ 4.000 per day