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Split, the second largest city of Croatia and have amazing historical buildings and natural atmosphere. Many people prefer Split to discover the Adriatic coasts for a memorable summer holiday. There are a lot of places to see near Split, so we offer the best crewed yacht charter services in Split for you to have an amazing Split holiday in company with blue-flag beaches and bays. With colourful night life and special restaurants, Split city welcomes all visitors kindly.

The Roman ruler Diocletian, whose splendid destiny was commemorated by the massacre of the first Christians, It changes in 300 when the summer palace is built here. After death, the Roman rulers continue to use it, and when the nearby Solin column is abandoned, they all settle in Split. Except for autonomy between the 12th and 14th centuries, they are under Austrian rule until Byzantium, Croat, Venetian and World War I respectively.

Why Crewed Yachts ?

As Gulet Broker Yachting, which is one of the most successful yacht rental providers in Symi, we offer the best crewed yacht charter services for our visitors. If you want to discover the amazing Symi coasts and bays, also historical places and museums in the city, you will find what you want with our special yachts and gulets. Our yachts are luxurious and designed for your relax with professional and experienced crew. You can try our best offer concept to get the most cheapest offer in the date you prefer. You can fill the best offer form below.

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