Crewed Yacht Charter in Trogir


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At the last years, Trogir has become one of the most important tourism destinations in Croatia and started to take part in many different blue cruise routes around the country. The city also takes tourists from around the world. In this island city, there are palaces, monuments and churches based on the Hellenistic times. The architecture of this beautiful city is very specific for this reason and includes not only the Adriatic coast but the best preserved gothic structures of all central European culture throughout history. Like the city center, there are a lot of natural beauties around Trogir. So, we offer the best services for crewed yacht charter in Trogir with our luxury yachts, gulets and experienced cabin crew for you to have an amazing holiday.

It is known that the city of Trogir has a history of about 2,300 years. In this long historical process, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Venetians who built palaces, churches and towers around Trogir. The castle and its contents on a small island were protected by UNESCO in 1997 by including it in the World Heritage List. Contact us for further information about a crewed yacht charter in Trogir.

Why Crewed Yachts ?

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