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Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey

Crewed yacht charter in Turkey offers the very best choices, when considering a wonderful sea vacation. Turkey provides; ideal weather conditions, spectacular scenery, great food, a rich history and culture. Plus, a fabulous choice of spacious crewed luxurious yachts, offered at unbelievable prices, especially when shared with a group of friends or, family.

Turkey is home to the original and perfect crewed yacht charter turkey routes, in times gone by they utilised fairly basic wooden sailing yachts with a motor to offer crewed sailing holidays. However, todays gulets are luxurious and beautiful hand-crafted yachts, they are now fitted with all luxury comforts including very spacious comfortable cabins with en-suite bathrooms, comparable to a 5* hotel. Plus, the latest technology in navigation, safety and entertainment systems.


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Sailing Turkey
Crewed Yacht Charter Turkey, They also come with a full complement of professional and friendly crew, who prepare and serve fresh tasty meals on board, taking care of all your needs to ensure a once in a lifetime experience. Gulets also come equipped with a service boat and a range of water sports. Also enjoy the stunning panoramas of steep mountains and clear blue seas as you cruise along, explore historic ruins and enjoy healthy and tasty Turkish cuisine. All of this, plus great value for money. Turkey also has an extensive range of crewed yacht options to suit all size groups budgets.

Enjoy being pampered aboard by your crew and discover your perfect crewed yacht charter turkey. We offer early booking discounts and assist with all your organisational needs. Contact us for the best deals in Turkey, for crewed yacht charter holidays.

Most Popular Sailing Destinations in Turkey

Yacht Charter Antalya / Turkey
Yacht Charter Marmaris / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Marmaris / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Bodrum / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Bodrum / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Fethiye / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Fethiye / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Gocek / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Gocek / Turkey.

Recommended Gulets in Turkey

Gulet Lucky
27M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Marmaris | Turkey
Gulet Getaway
Bodrum | Turkey
Semercioglu IV
40M | 10 CABINS | 20 GUESTS
Fethiye | Turkey
Gulet Arabella
Gocek | Turkey
Gulet S Dogu
32M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Marmaris | Turkey
Gulet Ipek A
25M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Bodrum | Turkey
Sailing Holidays
38M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Fethiye | Turkey
Sailing Holidays
27M | 8 CABINS | 16 GUESTS
Gocek | Turkey

View all Gulets in Turkey

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