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Gulet Holidays in Croatia 2019

A gulet charter in Croatia for 2019 is the perfect way to visit many of the places we have selected for you plus theremany more of course,we have chosen our 10 favourite places to visit during your private charter in Croatia, dont take our word for it. Visit these wonderful places for yourself on a Croatian adventure and yacht rental in 2019.

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities to visit on the Dalmatian coast with an ecletic mix and a vast variety of things to see and do, modern restaurants, bars, shopping facilities and the charm of the old town still protected by the castle walls which run around the outer of the city stretching for almost 2 kilometres, a very famous landmark which most people will instantly recognise, Dubrovnik is certainly not too be missed and is very popular as an embarkation/disembarkation port for gulet cruises in Croatia.




Recommended Gulets in Croatia & Montenegro for 2019

Gulet Leonardo

Sailing Holidays 2019 with Gulet Leonardo

30m | 12 Cabins | 24+5 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 13.000 per week

Gulet Cesarica

Sailing Holidays 2019 with Gulet Cesarica

41m | 11 Cabins | 24 Guests
Base Port : Sibenik - CROATIA

€ 25,000 per week

Gulet Amorena

Sailing Holidays 2019 with Gulet Amorena

44m | 19 Cabins | 38 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 30,000 per week

Gulet Gideon

Sailing Holidays 2019 with Gulet Gideon

27m | 8 Cabins | 16 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 8.500 per week

Gulet Gardelin

Sailing Holidays 2019 with Gulet Gardelin

28m | 8 Cabins | 16 Guests
Base Port : Zadae - CROATIA

€ 8,200 per week

Gulet Aborda

Sailing Holidays 2019 with Gulet Aborda

30m | 7 Cabins | 14 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 10,560 per week

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Dubrovnik / Croatia

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