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Discover the wonders of ancient Greece, natural and rugged landscapes with pretty painted houses in quaint villages. Greece has so many groups of islands perfect for sailing, providing many sheltered anchorages. Gulet charter in Greece is perfect for exploring this region with the sunny summer climate and clear seas.

A comfortable gulet cruise can be enjoyed in the Cyclades and Dodecanese groups of islands, as they are perfectly located in the Aegean Sea. We are able to offer a range of spacious, crewed gulets for all budgets, in this wonderful and popular region.

The Cyclades islands have several options including the ever popular, iconic and picture postcard perfect islands of Mykonos and Santorini, but there are many others worthy of a visit including; Amorgos, a quiet mountainous island with the most picturesque villages, that retains its Greek feel.

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Bodrum | Patmos

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Sailing Holidays in Greece

Bodrum | Patmos | Bodrum

Bodrum | Rhodes

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Sailing Holidays in Greece

Bodrum | South Greece | Bodrum

Marmaris | Rhodes

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Sailing Holidays in Greece

Marmaris | Rhodes | Marmaris


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Sailing Holidays in Greece

Kalymnos, explore Pothia Port where local sponge diving has led to sponges being the primary source of income for many years. Kalymnos also has some wonderful beaches.


Sailing Holidays in Greece

Paros, for many years Paros was famous for its fine white marble, you can still discover evidence of the old marble quarries, thought nowadays you can appreciate Paros for its nature, beaches and clear seas and charming villages.


Sailing Holidays in Greece

Naxos is rich with fruit trees and olives, not too overdeveloped with tourism, the western side is where tourism is most apparent. The island is mountainous yet fertile and less developed on the eastern coast due to the winds. Los, a hilly island with steep cliffs down to the sea on most sides.


Sailing Holidays in Greece

Some other interesting islands include; Symi a compact island with steep cliff enclosed bays and a magical harbour town, with a great atmosphere. You will be enchanted by the Italian style pastel painted houses, adorning the surrounding hills. Just some of the many gulet charter route possibilities the Cyclades can offer your cruise itinerary.


Sailing Holidays in Greece

Patmos, this small and most northern island is famous for being the place that St. John the apostle was exiled to. Halki is part of a group of tiny islands situated to the west of Rhodes. This island has a pretty harbour and relies mainly on tourism, though does have have a vibrant fishing industry. Enjoy the local bread and hand made pasta here, as well as great beaches, there is a monastery and castle to explore.


Sailing Holidays in Greece

Los, a hilly island with steep cliffs down to the sea on most sides, located between Naxos and Santorini. Los is also a very lively resort during high season, though early and late season is a great time to discover the natural charm and beauty of the island. Please bear in mind it can be very windy around these islands in the high summer months, making off peak season a better option for this area. Just some of the many gulet charter route possibilities the Cyclades can offer your cruise itinerary.

Gulet Sailing Holidays in Greece


Dodecanese islands group is in the Southern Aegean and close to Turkey, includes the large and wonderful island of Rhodes. This an ideal embarkation point, with lots of history, shopping and beaches.

When you select a gulet, not only is it a beautiful and comfortable yacht option, it permits you to be free of the crowds, enjoy wonderful fresh meals prepared on board. Plus, the option for great shore excursions, whilst also relaxing, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking in quiet bays, a perfect way to discover and enjoy Greece.

Gulet Charter in Greece offer so many itinerary options, for you and your guests to enjoy, a wonderful gulet cruise making many great memories together. Gulet Charter in Greece also offers other islands to the north and Crete to the south if you are looking for something different, however gulet options are more limited in these destinations. Whatever your requirements are in Greece we can assist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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