Gulet Charter in Tivat

  On your gulet cruise to Tivat, you might think you’ve arrived somewhere on the French Riviera. But no, this is not Monaco… All of these impressive superyachts in a luxury marina, world-class promenade, flamboyant apartment blocks, flamboyant restaurants, and shops are truly Tivat, Montenegro. Once a humble and ordinary town, Tivat has recently undergone a renovation in and around the marina. So, today a place frequented by the world’s elite tourists during the summer months.


With historical and luxurious surroundings : Tivat

  Tivat is a modern and glamorous city. You can still be amazed by the traces of history. Firstly you can visit the city center; The Renaissance Summer Buca. Secondly, OstrvoCvijeca is a magnificent place. You can find all the sacred monuments. And thirdly, the old core of the city; Gornja Lastva. You will love this small, sweet town.

  On the other hand, if you want to enjoy something a little more adventurous when you land, let us give you some ideas,

  •  Maybe you want to do some hiking, mountain biking or lots of extreme sports adventures you might be tempted to.
  •   Overlooking Tivat, Mount Vrmac, with its slopes and impressive canyon, offers an option worth exploring.

  • Or, if you prefer to stay at sea level, you can snorkel in the Blue Cave, one of the most popular tourist destinations only accessible by boat,

  • Visit Mamula, an island with the most beautiful sunsets.

  •   And then, of course, there are the beautiful beaches. Most vacationers choose Tivat because of its beautiful beaches. You can relax, sunbathe swim, and soak up the picturesque surroundings before returning to the luxury of your own private Gulet.

  • The calm and warm Tivat Sea is suitable for swimming and water sports such as kayaking, sailing, and canoeing.

Shopping in Tivat

  Besides frequent visitors are the locals of neighboring Kotor, who especially love to walk on the sunny and airy promenades in summer or take advantage of the magnificent sun, sea, and nature on some of the many Tivat beaches.

  On the riviera, 17 beautiful landscaped beaches will satisfy even the most discerning guests. And around some of these beaches, there are beach bars, terraces, restaurants, mini-resorts, beach equipment, children’s playgrounds, etc. There are many things to choose from and choose from to make your stay more attractive and do more than you can imagine.

  And, if history, extreme sports, and lounging on beaches isn’t quite your thing, then your Gulet Charter in Tivat offers you the perfect opportunity to shop, shop, shop!


  This lovely town has many shops in the city center. You can find boutiques displaying the works of famous European and world fashion designers. And you will not only find a wide selection of clothes and shoes. In addition, there are many cosmetic and perfume shops, hairdressers, beauty, and massage parlors. In the center of Tivat, you will encounter many jewelers, photoshops, souvenir shops, shops full of arts and crafts, and art galleries. That makes this town is a paradise for shoppers.

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