Gulet Charter Italy

Gulet Charter Italy

Cruising around Italy with Gulets

Italy is an amazing place to visit offering great culture, art and history, fantastic food, sunshine, designer shopping and fashion, are just a few Iof Italys assetts. Consider also, Italy has an extensive coastline, both in the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean seas. Plus, several nearby islands (Corsica, Sardinia and Scicily amongst the larger ones) Therefore, plenty of interest for sailing and cruising sea vacations. There are comfortable crewed Gulets of all categories available for charter, discover this incredible coastline that includes some popular world class chic resorts, such as Porto Fino, Capri, and Sorrento. Major ports on the mainland also include Venice, Naples, Livorno, Savona and Bari, but there are several other marinas in smaller ports providing excellent embarkation points.


Gulet Charter Italy
including Portofino, Liguria, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands.


Most Popular Sailing Routes in Italy

Gulet Charter Italy

The region of southern Italy is home to Naples, the wonderful Amalfi Coast, Capri and Calabria. All classic and elegant destinations, providing fabulous possibilities, for all types of yachts and yacht charter route itineraries. Imagine this magnificent rugged coastline, coves with pastel painted houses on the mountains enclosing the bays and wonderful beaches, the stuff of dreams!

Sicily is the largest and most famous island in Italy; here you can discover some of the very best Italian food and wines. By exploring the coves and small-town marinas by yacht, you will be rewarded with the finest dining experiences, anchoring in secluded sheltered bays, dining in small local restaurant’s, or al fresco on deck.

Sicily also has the Aegadian group of islands situated off the western coast, a group of five mountainous islands that offer superb sailing routes and places of outstanding natural beauty. Amazing route itineraries can be organised from Sicily, where a good number of crewed yachts are based, able to cater for various sized groups and budgets. Simply the best way to discover Italy, taking in land and sea destinations, with a comfortable accommodation and service aboard a beautiful crewed motor, or sailing yacht.

All with well-equipped cabins for your guests. Plus, lots of deck space to relax and soak in the wonderful panoramas, as you cruise along. Night-time spent on anchor, under the stars in a beautiful secluded bay, or small harbour. There are several well equipped marinas that are ideal base ports in Sicily, to commence your charter.

The historic and fascinating cities of Palermo, Messina, port of Etna to name a few, all great places to visit. The Aeolian islands are situated off the north east coast of Sicily, they are UNESCO protected and the seven islands are surrounded with clear blue sea. A beautiful area to sail and explore perfect nature from the comfort of a crewed yacht, a perfect experience for anyone! Opportunities for diving and kayaking or a little trekking on land or exploring the volcanoes.

Sicily generally provides a great embarkation destination, both as a place to visit, but also hosting beautiful bays to sail and explore, with stunning islands to navigate. Can be best enjoyed by a sea vacation.

We can strongly recommend Italy as a yacht charter destination. There are options to suit all budgets, enjoy the wonderful life aboard, relaxing on deck, crew to pamper you. It can be more economic and fun with a group of friends, or family. All categories of yachts are possible, please contact us to answer any queries you may have, we will help custom make the most magical yacht charter holiday for you and your guests in Italy.

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