Luxury Gulet Yacht Charter and Blue Cruise Travel Adventures in Croatia

If you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday sailing holiday on the Adriatic Sea you need look no further than the beautiful coastlines of Croatia. Boasting a collection of over 1,000 islands the super scenic holiday destination offers up something for everyone to marvel at.

From vineyards, to fragrant olive groves and a plethora of unspoilt island terrain to explore.

A Croatia gulet cruise is certainly something that can easily be described as a world class sailing holiday destination. That boasts some of the clearest and cleanest waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Taking a step back in time

A weekly yacht charter floating on the Adriatic Sea is not all swimming, drinking and al fresco dining galore. We are talking an East meets West style of travel experience that is steeped in history which dates back to ancient Roman times and the Ottoman Empire.

Croatia which borders Montenegro and Italy is also the gateway to explore the rugged coastline which stretches right down to Porto Montenegro.

With this in mind. you may want to consider opting for a two-week trip vs a weekly yacht charter deal.

As two weeks gives you the chance to spend more time swimming in the sparkling waters and soaking up the sun on a choice of pristine beaches.

Deals in Dubrovnik

Some of our beast sea boat beauties are based in the ancient city of Dubrovnik which is infamous for its architecture and history. If you drop anchor here, you’ll be greeted by the fascinating Old Town that is awash with restaurants and shops.

The stone walls which were once known for protecting the citizens are now one of its best-known landmarks. Cars are not allowed in the Old Town which has a distinct buzz in the summertime when it hosts an annual music festival.

Private yacht charters anchor beyond the main harbour allowing charterers to enjoy a pleasant stroll through the marina that leads to the hustle and bustle of the infamous old town.

A plethora of places to explore

And so, its certain that there are a wide range of places to explore on your crewed gulet travel adventure. Where you’ll be lucky enough to soak up the sights of Zadar, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Rijeka, Brac and Havar.

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