One Day on a Gulet

  While gulet charter continues to be popular day by day, we have prepared this post to give some ideas to you. If you are wondering how to spend a day on the gulet, keep reading 🙂 Besides the fun and the freedom on the sea, the shores you will stop by, and entertaining little towns, interesting natural formations, historical places, and more, we assure you won’t be able to get bored just for a second. 

Activities on the Gulet

  First choice, let’s say you want to stay in your private gulet. You wake up in the blue heaven all relaxed and rested, which that blue heaven rocked your gulet gently like a baby cradle last night and helped you to take one of the most qualified sleep in your life.

  After you leave your hotel-comfy room, when you step on a deck, you will see the beautiful sunrise in company with a clean sea scent. When you nip your morning coffee to fresh up, the talented crew will prepare for you a delicious breakfast. Either you can prefer to swim before your breakfast and enjoy all the freshening water or, you can choose to take a sunbath and full your vitamin D reserves. 



   While you are making your fulfilling breakfast, you can tell your captain to take you to the natural bays or islands where you can see magnificent caves, natural formation beaches, and tones of different shades of blue.

One Day on a Gulet

   Moreover, you can dive and explore under the sea, check up the caves, fishes, sea creatures, and all other hidden beauties under the infinite waters. As an option, you can eat your dinner around those beauties, or you can ask your captain for another bay. It’s all up to your desires.

One Day on a Gulet

Activities on the Shore

  Secondly, after you have made your breakfast, you can ask your captain to take you to the most popular shores. Then, your experienced captain will take you to the best costs for sure. If you are an adventurer, you can take a long walk and discover that little town’s historical areas, natural beauties, and culture. Furthermore, you can go for bicycle trips or hiking. If you want to rest, you can take a book and lay down on the warm, golden sands. When you get hungry, you can experience the popular flavors of the area, and you may taste new deserts, the local menu of a buffet, and cultural drinks.


  Commonly on every shore, there are water sports clubs and surf clubs. For different experiences, you can try windsurfing, canoe, jet-ski, wakeboard, banana, ringo, etc. 

 In case, in most of the marinas, you can find fitness saloons, pools, and courts for tennis, basketball, etc.

  Therefore, if you are a fun chaser, you can think of nightclubs or different cultural parties. Dancing and having fun is irrevocable activities for the summer nights 🙂

  If you get too hot to dance, you can go to; night swims and cool of .

 You can be sure that charter a gulet will give you the entertainment that you are looking for and in luxury like a hotel as comfortable as your home gulet you will have great holiday with lasting fun 🙂 Only you have to do grab  your bag and enjoy the sail away…


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