Blue Cruises in Gocek

Blue Cruises in Gocek
Blue Cruises in Gocek
Göcek is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey. In the last years, blue cruises in Gocek have started to attract the interest of foreign tourists from different countries of the world. Gocek has many advantages when compared the similar cities. The geographical structure of Gocek where yacht tourism is dominant, the safe formation of the seas, the suitability for yachting of the winds and waves, the ideal climate with the historical remains, and the geographical structure have provided important fame to the region. So, we can say there are a lot of natural beauties to discover in Göcek. As Gulet Broker, we offer the best services of blue cruises in Gocek with our professional cabin crew and luxury yachts & gulets.
Blue Cruises in Gocek
Blue Cruises in Gocek
The symbol of Göcek is the ancient city of Tlos whichis 45 km away from Fethiye. It is one of the 6 largest cities of the Lycian Federated Union. Also, it is the sports center of the association. We known as the city where the famous mythological hero Bellaforonte lived with her flying winged horse Pegasus. It is the oldest city in the Lycian region.  Before 2000, some archaelogist discovered this place. The graveyard on the natural rock of the city’s acropolis is adorned with the most beautiful house-type tombs of Lycia. Finally, if you want to see all the hidden paradises of Göcek, we offer you to rent a yacht in Göcek.
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Gocek Fethiye Turkey

Blue Cruises in Gocek a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Gocek is the original home of the blue cruise, located in the southwestern province of Turkey, Gocek is the perfect gate to the unrivalled and mesmerizing beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Acclaimed for the combination of crystal clear waters, secluded bays, and the lush natural landscapes that are found in the area. A blue cruise in Gocek has over the years become an escape for travelers worldwide who are looking for all that a blue cruise in Gocek has to offer, natural beauty, serenity and an escape from the world. We will explore the enchanting and captivating world of a blue cruise in Gocek and highlight to you how this stunning destination has captured the hearts of so many people of all ages from all around the world.

A blue Cruise in Gocek, the allure

Gocek really is the idyllic setting for a blue cruise, perfect sailing conditions, wonderful climate, a myriad of small islands and secluded coves, a blue cruise in Gocek will leave you breathless with its beauty. Gocek itself is also very quaint, the harbour is charming and Gocek is nestled in a bay of pine covered hills, simply stunning. A blue cruise in Gocek is not only attractive for all of the afore mentioned reason’s, also Gocek is very close to airport links with a very short transfer time, therefore Gocek is the perfect place for you to commence your blue cruise.

A definition of a blue cruise in Gocek

Traditionally a blue cruise also known as a gulet cruise, consists of sailing on a traditional Turkish vessel named a gulet, these boats offer you the blend of comfort, space and charm, a blue cruise in Gocek really is a unique and unforgettable way to immerse yourself in the Turkish coast and delve into all this wonderful country has to offer. Blue cruise was named for the constant changes of azure blue seas everywhere you will sail, the crystal blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas will leave you captivated and enchanted.

Blue Cruise in Gocek Itinerary

A blue cruise in Gocek affords you many attractions however the flexibility of your sailing itinerary in this area must be one of the main attractions, a blue cruise in Gocek will normally be for 7 nights, although we can of course offer shorter durations, during this remarkable journey we will take you to hidden gems, secluded bays, beautiful coves, ancient ruins and more. One of the most popular routes when partaking in a blue cruise in Gocek will include visiting the Twelve Islands all nestled in the beautiful Gulf of Gocek, Fethiye is also another very popular place to visit. Each and every blue cruise in Gocek will deliver to you the most unique mix of history, beauty, history and wonder, if you are looking for an enriching experience then a blue cruise in Gocek is for you.

Discover Hidden Paradises while you enjoy a blue cruise in Gocek

Gocek’s coastline is not only breathtakingly beautiful, there are also multiple hidden coves which are accessible only by sea again this is why a blue cruise in Gocek is such a popular option. A blue cruise in Gocek offers you the ideal opportunity to escape the crowds and every day hustle and bustle. Spend your days anchored in tranquil bays surrounded by lush nature and vibrant greenery. Guests can swim in the crystal azure waters, snorkel and enjoy the marine life, all the while enjoying and embracing the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Historical and Cultural adventures onboard your blue cruise in Gocek

Visit the ancient ruins of Cleopatra’s bath, Lycian rock tombs, Isutzu beach, Dalyan. A blue cruise in Gocek includes all this and also the natural stunning beauty of the area. Gocek and the surrounding areas are a fascinating blend of rich historical and cultural wonders. A blue cruise in Gocek offers you a fully immersive experience with a fusion of nature, history and culture, a blue cruise in Gocek affords all our guests a chance to dive into the Turkeys past whilst surrounded by natural beauty and stunning seas and breathtakining landscape

Blue Cruise in Gocek cuisine onboard:

One thing that must not be missed as part of your blue cruise in Gocek is the mouthwatering Turkish cuisine which will be prepared onboard for you by your chef, delectable culinary offerings will be served to you every day. Our gulet chefs are renowned for preparing and providing you with delectable, delicious Turkish cuisine, always using the very best of local fresh ingredients. Fresh seafood, wonderful aromatic flavours, worldwide famous mezes are just a small sample of what you can expect to find on your menu during your blue cruise in Gocek, this gastronomic journey will reflect all the wonderful flavours of the Mediterranean. There is nothing to compare to dining under the stars on a gulet cruise in Gocek, listening to the gentle lap of the waves as your taste buds are tantalized, this is an experience that will stay with you for many years.

Summary of a Blue Cruise in Gocek

Gocek is the original home of the blue cruise and much of Gocek’s allure is discovered as people enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, tranquility, stunning natural beauty, historical sites, and an inner peace.  A blue cruise in Gocek which is the most enchanting of destination’s will provide you a unique opportunity to explore the Turquoise coast, revealing hidden gems along the way and creating so many memories that will last forever. A blue cruise in Gocek has many things to offer if you are seeking tranquility, looking to swim in secluded bays or simply immersing yourself in the rich history the region has to offer the a blue cruise in Gocek will offer you an adventure and experience that will that transcend the ordinary.

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