Cheap Yacht Rental


Discounted and cheap yacht rental options are possible and available. It is always worth talking to your yacht broker to learn if there are cheap yacht rental options, that suit your needs. Of course, some limitations may be the trade-off you have to absorb, in order to achieve the cheaper yacht rental deals.

One option may be to book well in advance when normally there is a generous discount and you also have the advantage of the choice of route and itinerary. Also, a good option if you are limited to certain times, flights, etc. Also, peak season when popular options may soon become unavailable.

Early and late season reservations can also offer an alternative way of achieving a cheap yacht rental. Although the weather may not be as hot, as during the peak season, it can still be very pleasant and at the end of the season the sea is still normally warm, for swimming. Another big advantage is it is less busy and flights are generally cheaper too.

Sometimes other events occur, which results in there being cheaper yacht rentals. There could be an empty week on a particular yachts schedule, maybe due to a cancellation, or as a result of doing a one-way route, for the previous guests. This would result in the yacht being away from its own home port on changeover day. However, if route itinerary is not the main priority, it may be possible to get a cheaper deal on a higher specification yacht, as the owner would have an empty, none standard week, to fill.

You could also consider renting a yacht on a daily basis and just cruise for 4, or 5 days, this would obviously make the rental price cheaper and would be useful if you were on a limited weekly schedule, as sometimes suitable flights are difficult to achieve.

One other cheap yacht rental option would be to consider cabin charter, renting a cabin on a shared yacht. There are some good cabin charter yacht rental options available and this is particularly good if you are alone, or a small group, as you can still enjoy the same experience and all the benefits of a yacht charter, at an affordable price.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways to achieve cheap yacht rental. It is always worth having a chat with one of our knowledgeable team, who will be able to assist you in finding the optimum solution to suit your personal needs and budget, providing you with the latest information available, allowing you to make the best fully informed choice, for you and your guests.

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