Crewed Yacht Charter in Athens

Athens is the capital and biggest city of Greece. Greece’s capital Athens is a very large city with a population of about 4 million people. Athens, a cosmopolitan and modern identity, was also an important trading and cultural center in antiquity. Acropolis, the founding place of Athens, is the place where Athena and Poseidon struggle for the dominance of the city as far as we understand from the mythological stories. The name of Athens comes from the goddess Athena, the guardian of the city in those times. There are a lot of places to see near Athens. So, we offer the best crewed yacht charter in Athens with our special gulets, yachts and professional cabin crew.

You should definitely visit the Acropolis on a journey to the ancient Greek world. The temples in the Acropolis can be seen from almost every point of Athens. The most important works in the acropolis are; Parthenon, Propylaion, Athena temple and Erekhtheion. The Acropolis Museum on the southeast side of the Acropolis is also worth seeing. The museum exhibits works of ancient Greek cultures that make up archaeological finds of the Acropolis. Other important museums of the city are the National Archaeological Museum, the Bennaki Museum, the Agora Museum and the Greek Folk Art Museum. The most important square of the city of Athens is Syntagma Square.

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