Discovering Croatia by Gulet Charter

Between Rijeka in the north and Dubrovnik in the south, Gulet Charter in Croatia offers 250 miles of Adriatic coastline boasting more than 1,000 islands, some large, some small and barren. Whilst others are lush with olive groves and pine forests, or even lavender fields, set against perfect turquoise seas.

Many of the islands and bays are uninhabited and only accessible by boat. Rich with history from the 19th century Napoleonic wars.There are some inhabited islands that are very pretty during summer months, their history dating back to Venetian merchants in the 16th century. These days there are popular marina’s and quay’s to shop, or simply relax in a local restaurant.

Split, is a main starting/finnishing point, as a yachting centre on Croatia’s mainland. It also hosts the remnants of the palace built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, nowadays incorporated into the fabric of this vibrant city.

Most Popular Routes Croatia

The fifth thing is trying the Croatian cooking. It is a good chance to discover gastronomic riches of islands. You can have a chance to taste regional dishes. You can taste fish and sea foods, excellent local meats and its goes on like that. As you see, there are a lot of choices that you can do on a gulet charter cruise. These are the same basic things to do. You can decide whatever you want. Its totally up to you.



12 miles northeast lies the island and harbor town of Hvar. This has become a trendy destination, resulting in pricey bars, restaurants and hotels. However, as you approach Hvar by sea, it is stunning with its stone and terracotta medieval buildings. One other popular embarkation destination is of course the famous, historic and beautiful city of Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. Housing Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, depsite being the scene of much conflict and natural disasters over the years.

Gulet Charter in Croatia offers so much and to discover its gems from the comfort of a yacht makes a totally enjoyable and worthwile experience. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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