Gulet Charter in Split


Split, Croatia, situated on the Dalmatian coastline, this large busy port and City can provide a great base to start your gulet charter. Several marinas are situated in and around Split, offering a large selection of all types of yachts and gulets available for charter. Split also has its own International airport close by and is well served with transport links. The city itself also has much to offer, with its colorful history and culture, so much to see and do.

Once home to thousands, its remains include more than 200 buildings, within its white stone walls are courtyards, shops, bars, cafes, cathedrals, hotels, and houses waiting to be explored. It’s captivating to stroll along the cobblestoned streets within the palace where shops and clubs alternate with crumbling roman pillars and medieval churches of the once ancient residents. The breathtaking Cathedral of St Dominus. built originally in Diocletian’s Mausoleum, is still almost completely preserved to this day. The cathedral is full of history ranging from mesmerizing carved doors and furniture from as early as 1427, to roman baths and the remains of the once imperial dining hall.
The Dalmatian islands are all easily accessible from Split that’s why it’s a popular gulet charter destination. Besides, there are a lot of historical places, museums and monuments if you want to travel in the city centre. There are 3 ports in Split, so it is ideal for for your gulet to moor. You should absolutely add your itinerary list Split. You shouldn’t go back your hometown witohut seeing this wonderful city and marina.

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