Gulet Rental in Turkey

Gulet rental in Turkey, as a way of exploring the magnificent coastline, generally known as the Gulet Cruise. These voyages have been popular and much acclaimed for many years. The gulets used to be fairly basic in their facilities, but guests were happy being at one with nature and enjoying the spectacular scenery. Also, the routes were more limited, now with new technology and regulations, gulet rental has changed considerably, as gulets are now fitted out like five-star hotels and improved technology (engines, sailing systems and navigation)means routes are opened up. Plus, gulets have been exported worldwide and are available for rental in many popular sailing destinations including, Croatia, the Greek Isles, and the Maldives. Of course, the best and most up to date range of gulet scan usually be found in Gulet Rental in Turkey where they originated and are still constructed.

There are also plenty of places to relax comfortably and sunbathe, either under the shade, or in direct sun, as you wish. Whilst out on anchor in the most fabulous locations, there is always the opportunity to swim, or partake in water sports, or a land excursion. Onboard will normally be satellite TV, music system and even internet access. Plus, a range of water sports activities.

The advantage of rent a gulet in Turkey is you can sail to the Greek islands if you want. You have seven long days so if you are interested, we can prepare a schedule includes both Turkish and Greek waters together.

Have you heard anything about Turkish cuisine? The variety of food, taste of the meat or vegetables makes you feel hungry all the time. You probably can’t help yourself to stop eating even you feel full.


Make Your Dream Holidays in Turkey Come True

Also, small groups or single individuals can opt for cabin charter, where it is possible to rent just a cabin, on a shared gulet, yet still, experience all the enjoyment and benefits of a gulet cruise. Rent a Turkish gulet your chosen location, with a crewed gulet charter and you are sure to experience the most memorable vacation possible! Contact us with your group size and approximate budget and we will source several alternative options, for you to consider and assist you all through the process.

Check out our selection of gulets available for rent in Turkey, different sizes and cabin configurations, all offering great value for money. We are here to suit your personal needs.

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