Gulet Sailing in Greece, Blue Cruises in Greek Islands

Blue cruise experience in the Greek Islands? If your answer is “Yes, I am ready for Gulet Sailing in Greece”, you can start discovering amazing Greek Islands and unique coasts with the special blue cruise alternatives. The amazing bays, beaches, and historical buildings are waiting for you in different Greek Islands. For Gulet Sailing in Greece, the famous islands arE  Rhodes, Kos, Symi, Patmos, and Corfu are the most important blue cruise destinations in the Greek Islands. There are many different destinations to see all around these islands. If you wish to have an amazing blue cruise experience, we offer the best alternatives for sailing in Greece with different special routes designed for you.

Especially, Rhodes and Kos are the two most important destinations in Greece. So, millions of foreign tourists from different countries of the world visit these islands each year to have a memorable summer holiday. The magnificent Greek Islands are hosting the popular blue cruise routes in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. 

What is Blue Cruise?

Blue cruise means having a yacht or gulet tour around amazing bays, beaches, and natural destinations in a determined period with a special route. Blue cruise is organized in different destinations which are located closely with each other. In different countries, there will be different blue cruise routes. For Greece, the most popular route is AthensRhodesKos .

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Discovering the Beauty of Gulet Sailing in Greece

Gulet sailing in Greece provides you with the most memorable, unique and unforgettable sailing experience. Greece is a country widely known around the globe for its beautiful scenery, stunning landscapes and of course history. Of the many ways to experience all that Greece has to offer certainly gulet sailing in Greece must stand out as one of the most memorable ways to be introduced to all the Greek Islands have to offer, a perfect blend of clear waters, rich history and culture and stunning islands, Greece really is the perfect destination for a gulet sailing holiday.

Gulet Sailing in Greece the Attraction.

 Gulet sailing originated in Turkey and is a traditional way to sail. Gulets haves gained popularity in Greece as well as other parts of the world due to their comfort and traditional charm and professional crew there is really no other experience that compares to a sailing experience on board a gulet in Greece. Gulets offer you the most comfortable and luxurious option to discover the Greek islands. Gulet sailing in Greece gives you the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled experience to explore many of the Islands during one vacation.

Gulet Sailing in Greece the Experience

 Greece has over 6,000 islands and islets, each with its very own special charm. From the most well-known and popular Islands such as Rhodes and Kos to the less well known and unspoilt Islands such as Symi and Patmos, sailing in Greece gives you the chance to discover many diversities such as wonderful panoramic views, unspoilt beaches, hidden coves and a rich cultural experience. Gulet sailing in Greece is the perfect way to discover many of the hidden treasure Greece and her Islands have to offer. So let’s go sailing in Greece and enjoy not only delicious Greek food, music, dance and culture but let’s fully immerse ourselves in the wonderful Greek traditions and natural beauty of the country.

Gulet sailing in Greece the Cuisine.

Of course no gulet experience would ever be complete without the dining. Your personal chef will each day prepare you delectable Greek and Mediterranean dishes, locally sourced fresh seafood, local organic fresh fruits and vegetables and not forgetting the traditional Greek dishes, this is a small sample of the plethora of wonderful foods you will be served dining al fresco whilst sailing on your gulet in Greece. We are also able to arrange for you to sample fine Greek wines and the local beers as you sail, the professional and attentive crew can arrange all of this for you as you enjoy your gulet sailing adventure. Imagine dining on the deck looking across at the traditional Greek white and blue houses listening to the captivating sounds of the ocean watching the Greek sun set as you dine, sounds simply heavenly.

 Gulet sailing in Greece the Activities

 During the course of your sailing adventure in Greece the crew can at any point arrange for you and your fellow travellers a fantastic array of activities, from sightseeing, exploring, hiking, cycling or even a massage on the deck of your gulet to fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and other water sports such as ringo and water skiing. The possibilities are endless and as with every aspect of your gulet sailing experience we can tailor meet each and everyone’s requirements.


So armed with the above information are you searching for a heady combination of luxurious and spacious modern accommodation, the most delicious fresh food served to your table every day, a rich historical back ground, panoramic views you will never forget, unspoilt natural beauty, total and utter relaxation and a chance of adventure then the experience of sailing a gulet through the Greek Islands is exactly for you. A gulet sailing holiday in Greece really does have it all and will leave you with lifelong precious memories.

Gulet sailing in Greece is not only about the wonderful places you will visit, it is a fantastic combination of luxury and tradition On board a gulet, you will enjoy the sheer comfort and amenities of a luxury hotel, including spacious cabins, en-suite bathrooms, and a wonderful professional crew to cater to your every desire whilst sailing through and immersing yourself in the wonderful Greek Islands and thousands of years of tradition, history and culture.

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