Sailing Yacht Charter in Split

Split is the most precious center of the Dalmatian region. Split, also known as the second largest city after the capital city of Zagreb, is also a very important tourist destination. The Adriatic Sea coast is also home to countless tourists throughout the year with its historic buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Split, which has a diversity of historical structure, is a rare tourism city that builds up with its buildings constructed in different periods. With the amazing natural and historical places, Split welcomes all visitors from different countries of the world. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best sailing yacht charter in Split with our luxury yachts and gulets and experienced crew members.


It’s time to meet with the amazing natural beauties and historical places of Split. With our professional and experienced cabin crew, we recommend you a memorable Split holiday with your family or relatives. With the best offer concept below, you will get the best possible price and location combination for your preferred date. Also, you can have extra discount if you make an early reservation for the next summer season.


What is Blue Cruise ?

Generally, the concept of blue cruise means having a yacht or gulet tour around amazing bays, beaches and natural destinations in a determined time period with a special route. Blue cruise is organized in different destinations which are located closely with each other. In different countries, there will be different blue cruise routes. For Croatia, most popular route is Dubrovnik – Split – Korcula – Zadar – Dubrovnik.

Best Offer & Early Reservation

The concept of best offer provides the best yacht and location combination for the selected date. You will get your special offer by filling our best offer form. On the other hand, if you want to get extra discount (up to 20%), you can make early reservation for the next summer season for different locations where our company provides services.

Sailing Yacht Charter in Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, with just over 200,000 inhabitants, Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coast. Once merely considered by some as just transit point, it is now deservedly becoming a holiday destination in its own right, the perfect place to begin your sailing yacht charter adventure. Let us tell you a little bit more about why you should not hesitate to book a sailing yacht charter in Split.

Boasting some truly and memorable fantastic sights in the city, both Roman and also more modern, excellent options for dining, drinking and lots of vibrant nightlife, plenty of beach opportunities and lots of choice for those wanting day trips. Split is much loved by visitors from all around the globe, and it’s not hard to see exactly why!

Sailing Yacht Charter in Split and the Culture

For those of you who are wanting a little culture during your sailing yacht charter in Split, The Diocletian’s Palace is a very popular tourist spot in Split. Discover this vast monument in great detail and take in all of its nooks and crannies. Do not miss the Peristyle, which is the main open space in the palace and is surrounded by a colonnade of six columns to the eastern and western sides and an arch, decorated with garlands, in the centre.

As you wander through this historical masterpiece, enjoying all of its wonderment, pay special attention to the mix of old and new, and marvel at how the locals have managed to evolve and live within the Palace footprint in the many centuries since the Palace was constructed.

And if you are after a slower pace during your sailing yacht charter Split, there are also plenty of options for you too.

Beaches during your Sailing Yacht Charter

Split does not have the finest reputation as a beach destination but there’s every reason why it really should. East and west of the town centre, miles upon miles of shoreline are dotted with coves and well-maintained beaches. Swimmers will find a lot to like about Split beaches, especially the cleanliness. The clear, blue waters rival any beach in the Mediterranean. Explore a l’ttle and many beautiful places will be found.

Or perhaps once you disembark your luxury Gulet, you would rather not venture too far. Riva is Split’s harbour side promenade and ‘fjaka’ is the Dalmatian art of doing absolutely nothing. Slide into a seat in one of the many cafes lining Riva and watch the world go by at your leisure. Allow your mind to wander, feel your body relax and your senses sharpen. That’s fjaka!

Weather expectations for your Sailing Yacht Charter in Split

Split has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mostly dry and very hot summers and cool, but moderate and humid winters. Average temperature of the warmest month of the year is 22°C, and the coldest 4°C.The perfect weather conditions for a sailing yacht charter. The best months of the year to enjoy a sailing yacht charter in Split are June, July and August these months have the most clement weather.

Croatian Cuisine on board your Sailing Yacht Charter.

The local cuisine will not disappoint the food lovers amongst you, Dalmatian cuisine is simply wonderful from the famous Croatian dishes you will find at many of the waterfront restaurants to the sublime dishes your chef will prepare for you on board your sailing yacht charter in Split, the perfect blend of Mediterranean flavours awaits you with something to suit every taste and preference. Aboard your sailing yacht charter in Split your chef will discuss with you the menu and each day prepare fresh meals with only the very finest local ingredients, Croatian cuisine is a wonderful blend of Mediterranean and Eastern European food also with strong Italian influences with an abundance of fish and seafood.


Above we have given you many reasons why you should choose a sailing yacht charter from Split as your next sailing holiday, what is there not to enjoy, beautiful scenery with the most stunning coastline, history and culture, wonderful Croatian cuisine and of course the local knowledge of the Captain and crew who will tend to your every need during your sailing yacht charter/Please contact us today here at Gulet Broker and we will ensure your holiday will be one to give a lifetime of memories.

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