Yacht Charter with a Captain in Croatia

Do you wish to sail the coast of Croatia, and have a relaxing time while cruising its salty and crystal clean sea and yet have no qualifications? Renting a yacht in Croatia is the solution. Do you want to learn how to sail without taking full charge of the sailing or do you need a guide to come along with you? You can achieve that on a yacht charter with a Captain in Croatia!

How Does It Work? How to Charter a Yacht with a Captain in Croatia?

When you charter a skippered yacht for a holiday with family or a group of friends, you can leave all the responsibility of sailing to a skipper. What this means, in essence, is that you can experience the thrill of sailing without experience or license without sailors when you book a skipper.

The skipper’s responsibility is to take care of the sailing so you can join have a relaxing holiday. You can join in with the skipper if you have some sailing skills or you can leave it all to him while you make the most of your holiday.

How Does It Benefit Yacht Charter with a Captain?

Here are some advantages of a yacht charter with a captain in Croatia:

  • You get to choose all the destinations during the holiday
  • You have the freedom to create your itinerary
  • You can relax on board while the skipper takes care of your sailing
  • You can brush up your rusty sailing skills or learn some basics on board from the skipper
  • You receive recommendations from the skipper who can take you to the most secluded beaches or the liveliest bays
  • You get to enjoy complete privacy while onboard

What Type Of Yacht Should I Choose?

When you hire a skipper, you have to allocate them a cabin, as they will sleep onboard with you. With this in mind, you can opt for any yacht you want. Be sure also to consider the number of people you are taking along with you during the holiday. If you are undecided about a yacht to choose, we can offer you recommendations based on your needs.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Our yachts come equipped with everything you need during the sailing. For your personal use, you can bring your provisions and clothing plus your crew for the sailing. You also need to bring (or hire) life jackets if you have kids on board.

Should I Hire A Hostess Too?

Yacht charter with a Captain Croatia, means you are responsible for catering for you and your group while on board. Aside from bringing your provisions, if you feel you need a helping with catering and keeping the yacht clean, you should hire a hostess too. However, that means you will need to have an extra cabin too!

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