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Private Yacht Charter in Corfu | Sailing Greece

Private Yacht Charter in Corfu

Private yacht charter in Corfu: Corfu is located in Ionian Sea and has become one of the most important tourism destinations at the last years in Greece. You will feel like you are walking around in a fairytale country. Corfu Island will take your mind from you with its 200-kilometer coastline, a lush vegetation that extends as far as the eye can see and a clean air. Typical mediterranean architecture around the harbor, which is the most remarkable place in the region, will provide you with a short trip to the old buildings.

You will find the comfort of your home on the Corfu Island, which is lined along the coast or in the city center. There are a lot of places to discover around Corfu, so we offer the best private yacht charter services in Corfu with our professional and experienced cabin crew.

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