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Kos Island is one of the most popular tourist centers of the Greek Islands in the Dodecanese region of the Aegean Sea. Every year, this amazing island hosts thousands of foreign tourists. There are a lot of places to discover around the Kos Island and Dodecanese region. So we offer the best private yacht charter in Kos with our experienced and professional cabin crew. You will relax and enjoy while exploring the amazing nature and historical locations of Kos Island. You will also discover hidden paradises, bays, and beaches around the Aegean Sea.

The father of modern medicine is Hippocrates’s hometown, Bodrum’s neighbor Kos is famous for its historical places and beaches.

Neratzia Castle, built by the Knights of Rhodes, agora remains in the center, Casa Romana, an 1800-year-old Roman Villa, and Kos is a full open-air museum with the ancient hospital Asklepion ruins, dedicated to the health god Asklepios.

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Recommended Private Yacht Charter in Kos

Gulet Azura

available from : Kos / Greece

Gulet Arif Kaptan A

36M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
available from : Kos / Greece

Gulet Bella Mare

38M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
available from : Kos / Greece

Gulet Grande Mare

34M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
available from : Kos / Greece

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