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Are you ready to discover the Greek capital with the concept of rent a yacht in Athens ? Capital of Greece, Athens is awaiting your arrival with it’s wonderful structure located in the Aegean Sea. With being the capital of Greece and its 3.7 million population, Athens is a very active city in terms of activities. The city is combining the ancient times and modern times, creating a unique experience for the visitors. For example, the old, ancient harbour of ancient Athens still intact and is the primary port of Greece. City combines the warriors, writers, artists, gods and great kings in one place, resulting in a very historical combination in today’s world. City itself has very narrow but beautiful streets, if you want you can explore them one by one and take a picture for your memories. City also has a great nightlife, with bars and nightclubs and pubs. Nightclubs are fairly active, you can dance until morning and drink different coctails.

The city really reflects the Aegean life but with more modernistic approach, in this regard the city is really one of the capitals of Europe. Public transport is really advanced so you can explore the entire city in no time by using the advanced transportations such as metro. You should see the historical sites, museums and parks in the city. On the sea, Athens is in Aegean region which means it has ton of beautiful beaches designed for your pleasure and comfort. The region itself has really nice coves and diving spots as well as islands around so one should definitely consider renting a yacht. Rent a yacht in Athens marina or harbour and sail into the beautiful Aegean Sea.

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27M | 8 CABINS | 16 GUESTS
Athens / Turkey

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34M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Athens / Turkey

Gulet Getaway

Athens / Turkey

Gulet Queen of Karia

35M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Athens / Turkey

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