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In the southern Aegean coast of Turkey, there stands Bodrum, a beautiful small town which is enriched with lots of luxurious activities while preserving the ancient, historical site of the Halicarnassus. Bodrum is one of the most popular locations of the area, located in the city of Muğla, south-west of Turkey. In Bodrum, there are lots of luxurious activities such as windsurfing, yacht clubs, and luxurious restaurants with world cuisines.

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Bodrum, allowing people to rent a yacht in order to explore all the beauties apart from the mainland, such as islands, coves, natural beauties on the water. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best rent a yacht services in Bodrum with our special yachts and gulets. Our gullets can supply you which activity you want to experience on board.

Bodrum is a top destination point of world’s tourists as it is the most beautiful town in the area, with lots of opportunities. Historical sites are also present in Bodrum, as the town was part of an ancient city of Halicarnassus. With the paved roads and small boutique-like local shops, Bodrum will keep you busy for at least a week as there are lots of activities on the land. You can do activities on the sea too, such as windsurfing and diving, which both are available in the region with great beauties. If you want to be free in the area, you can always rent a yacht in Bodrum to explore everything freely. While sailing on the yacht, you can see these historical ruins or when we visit a bay, you can visit small boutique-like local shop or have dinner in a small but peaceful restaurant. There are a lot amazing bays around Bodrum. In the seven day cruise, you will see a different beauty every day. The preferred route is Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum. Thans to this route, you visit Orak Island, Seven Islands, Cokertme,Sedir Island (Cleopatra Beach) which is the famous for its gold sand, Akvaryum Bay which charms you with the colour of the sea, and the historical Kerme Bay.


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Bodrum / Turkey

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34M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Bodrum / Turkey

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Bodrum / Turkey

Gulet Queen of Karia

35M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Bodrum / Turkey

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