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Did you try the concept of rent a yacht in Kotor ? If your answer is “no”, we recommend you to discover amazing Dalmatian coasts and Adriatic Sea. With its medieval structures, Kotor is one of the most well-known cities in the Gulf of Kotor. Kotor, located in the Adriatic coast, is a geographically fortified city in Montenegro. With it’s 13.500 and amazing natural setting, Kotor is enlisted into World Heritage Sites arranged by UNESCO. Kotor is formed around the Old Town, called Stari Grad. With the beautiful harbour and bay, Kotor is really a unique city. However, Kotor’s uniqueness isn’t limited with this. Kotor is a naturally protected city with really high cliffs and fortifitied mountains however Kotor’s Old Town is purposely designed as a labyrinth to protect the city from assaults throughout the history.

The Old Town, even if it’s well-maintained and with lots of signs, is very easy to get lost so one should really be careful about that. Kotor has a great places and locations in the Old Town as well as the downtown, making it available to spend quality time for its visitors. You can explore the Old Town and hopefully not get lost there, you can eat quality food in luxurious restaurants or you can taste local foods, you can drink in bars or pubs, you can dance in nightclubs at nights. The harbour of Kotor is highly advanced because of the structure of the city so it is fairly easy and logical to rent a yacht. You can rent a yacht in order to explore the beauties around the Adriatic Sea region while having fun of the sightseeing activities you are having from this natural beauty city.

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You can complete the “BEST OFFER” form below, it will provide you to have best price & location combination in your selected time period. After your approval of your offer, and after your payment process, your yacht will be ready on time for you. If you make your booking early, you will get extra 10% discount. However, you can choose your yacht or gulet, and you can get a specific offer for your choice.