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In Central Dalmatia, Crotia, the city of Split awaits for your arrival. This historical town in the Adriatic shoreline has a very nice architecture alongside with historical spots, not only for touristic purposes but also as a characteristic of a city. Walls, squares and temples are very common in Split. The city of Split completely deserves the nickname of “Mediterrenean flower” as it really is a beautiful city with 300.000 population. With Ancient remains of Roman Empire, city really has an old architecture. Places like St. Duje’s Cathedral and Jupiter’s Temple really reflects this. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best services to rent a yacht in Split, Croatia with our professional and experienced cabin crew.

In Split, you can do various activities such as eating/drinking, walking, swimming and rock climbing. There are lots of great local restaurants for eating, the cuisine is absolutely wonderful. You can try different tastes in Split. You can walk around the city as everything is within walking distance. It is better to walk so that you can see the beautiful hidden streets in the city too. For drinking, there are lots of nightclubs and bars in the Bacvice Beach, sharpening the nightlife of the city. Also, in the city you can taste the amazing wines produced by Dalmatian people of Split, letting you experience the beautiful Adriatic culture once more. When it comes to beaches and coves, Split has lots of them. Since it’s in the Adriatic Sea, there are lots of great islands, coves and beaches waiting for you to explore at any time. You can rent a yacht from the city as it is the unofficial capital of yachting in Adriatic Sea. Beautiful spots of Adriatic are awaiting your arrival.

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