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Rent a Yacht in Turkey

So, you’ve ended up here because you are looking to Rent a Yacht in Turkey… well look no further and let us tell you just why that is a fabulous idea.

Turkey is the most prominent Yacht Charter destination in the world. Turkey is where the magical Blue Cruise originates from. Also, home of Gulet building, these beautiful crafted motor sailing yachts are built in Turkey, to the highest International safety standards and provide very spacious and comfortable accommodation for your perfect sailing holiday. Whether you are an experienced sailor, or just wanting a relaxing sea adventure.

Crewed gulet charter provides the perfect solution. Rent a Yacht in Turkey is full possibilities, popular with all ages and nationalities, with so much to discover. Plus, currently superb value for money and offering a great selection of yachts available for rent.

There are so many yacht base ports and unique places to sail helping you to create wonderful itineraries. Turkey is one of the most popular areas for yacht rent worldwide.

Imagine perfect weather, clean seas, wonderful nature, history, outstanding scenery, varied culture and delicious fresh and organic cuisine, prepared and cooked freshly for you, by your own chef onboard your charter yacht. Not forgetting the local Turkish wines, which are certainly worth a try and no visit to Turkey would be complete without sampling the famous Raki.

Rent a Yacht in Turkey and cruises all the popular ports including,Marmaris, Bozburun, Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye. These are some of the most popular ports to embark and disembark from, there are many more options of course! Our head office and dedicated team have been based here in Turkey for many years, they will assist in finding you the best yacht rentals in Turkey. You will be assured a perfect sailing holiday.

Most Popular Sailing Destinations in Turkey

Yacht Charter Antalya / Turkey
Yacht Charter Marmaris / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Marmaris / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Bodrum / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Bodrum / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Fethiye / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Fethiye / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Gocek / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Gocek / Turkey.

If you are someone with little to no experience with sailing, then for you it is best to charter a yacht with a full crew. The crew will handle all the specifics of sailing and navigation which will leave you to freely enjoy the sea breeze in your hair as you float along the bay!

However, if you are someone looking for a bit of adventure then a sailboat or a Catamaran would be a better fit for you. These are albeit a little smaller than the conventional motor yacht with a personal crew, these are still powerful and sleek. If you have any sailing know-how you can simply charter one of these and take it out of the bay all by yourself!

Lastly, if you don’t feel like spending a good amount of money on Rent a private yacht but still want to experience the joy of being upon a cruise ship across the sprawling waves of the Black sea, fret not. There are many luxury cruise liners floating in the bay of Turkey just waiting for you to come onboard. You can simply purchase a ticket upon one of these and have the time of your life!

Recommended Gulets in Turkey

Gulet Caferoglu 7
39M | 11 CABINS | 22 GUESTS
Base Port : Marmaris / Turkey
€ 1.250 per day
Gulet Azura
Base Port : Marmaris / Turkey
€ 714 per day
Gulet Bedia Sultan
35M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Marmaris / Turkey
€ 3.000 per day
Gulet Bella Mare
38M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum / Turkey
€ 4.000 per day

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