Explore Antalya To Kaş With Gulet Broker

Antalya To Kas Yacht Charter - Gulet Broker As the summers are approaching, many amongst us are having the same question, “where should we go for our next vacation”. If you are the one who loves to roam around in the ocean while having views of the stretched-out coastal towns then exploring around in a charter boat can be an amazing option. Nothing is better than having a luxury holiday experience in...

Gulet Cruises Kas to Antalya

A gulet charter from Kas to Antalya offers attractive routes. For example, Kas is a small resort town on Turkey's Mediterranean coastline. The steep mountain backdrop provides a beautiful rugged panorama of small islands and rocky outcrops in the bright turquoise sea. The Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizo) is just a short 20-minute ferry ride away. There is also a modern private marina and the local...

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