Turkey Gulet Charter

Turkey Gulet Charter Regions Bodrum, Marmaris and Gocek, you can find all detailed information below.
-When you rent a Gulet from Bodrum, you can have 4 different tour options, so Bodrum can be more advantageous compared to other regions. We definitely recommend it to our valued guests. When a Gulet you rent departs from Bodrum, you can visit the Bodrum-Gökova Bodrum tour route upon the request of our guests. Upon request, you can visit the Bodrum-Hisarönü bays. On this route, you have the chance to see the ancient city Kinodos and the chance to stay in Datça. and D maris bay can be visited.
A gulet departing from Bodrum offers the opportunity to visit the magnificent islands of Greece, such as the northern Greek island of Kos, Kalimlos, Lipsi and Patmos, upon request.

Bodrum, Another Greek island option, you can visit the Southern Greek islands from Bodrum. As for the tour program, you can visit Kos island, Nisiros, Symi and Rhodes island, also starting from Bodrum.

-Gulet charter options departing from Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris or Marmaris Hisarönü-Marmaris option  offers opportunities to our customers among Gulet Charter options such as Bodrum in Marmaris. If requested, you can have the opportunity to visit the islands close to the Greek island of Rhodes and the Southern Islands from Marmaris.

Göcek Gulet Charter option offers the chance to see the most special and beautiful bays of Göcek, and also offers the opportunity to see the coasts of Kalkan, Yeşilköy, Kaş city, Kekova and Demre, myra  in the Antalya region when you rent a Gulet from Göcek.


Fethiye Gulet Charter option, you can see the pearl of the world, Ölüdeniz, and it offers the opportunity to swim in the sea. You can also stay in the Butterfly Valley, the Gemiler Island, which is the Pirate Island, for 1 night and you can also see the coast of Göcek. If desired, you can go to Ekincik village and from there you can go to Dalyan Kaunos with small boats. In the Fethiye gulet charter option, you really offers opportunities to our valued guests. You can choose Gulet Broker Yachthing team for a good holiday.

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