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Weekly Yacht Charter in Rhodes, Yacht Charter Greece

Weekly Yacht Charter in Rhodes

Weekly Yacht Charter in Rhodes

The concept of weekly yacht charter in Rhodes has become so popular at the last years. Rhodes is the largest of the twelve islands in the Aegean Sea; If Greece does not participate in the Meis Island account; the easternmost island. The administrative center of the island has the same name as the island.Rhodes is the center of the administrative territory of the Twelve Islands and the province of Rhodes. Rhodes Statue is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, was built by Dorlar at the entrance of Rhodes port in 280 BC. The castle built by the Temple Shovels of the city of Rhodes and the Middle Ages neighborhood is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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If you want to have an amazing blue cruise experience in Rhodes, you can take a look at our yacht charter concept. With our luxury yachts and gulets, which are designed for you specially, you will have real relax and comfort during your blue cruise experience. You can visit amazing bays of Greek Islands, try water sports and join amazing natural sightseeing tours during your blue cruise experience in Rhodes Island.

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