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Weekly Yacht Charter in Turkey, Sailing Holidays

Weekly Yacht Charter in Turkey
Turkey has become one of the most popular weekly yacht charter destinations in the world, over recent years. Many millions of foreign tourists have shown a preference for Turkey as their favourite destination, for a memorable summer holiday. Within Turkey are many popular tourism resorts, such as Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Antalya and Bodrum.

These wonderful options are not only great holiday resorts, they also have great yachting facilities and transport links, providing perfect base ports to commence a fabulous weekly yacht charter. All offer so many places to explore locally and along the famous Blue Cruise route.

We offer the best weekly yachts for charter in Turkey with our great choice of luxury yachts and gulets. The best way to view the amazing Turkish coastline is from a yacht, taking in the memorable views as you cruise along, anchoring in small coves for swim breaks and overnight stops. Imagine eating your breakfast in a beautiful natural bay, maybe complemented with an early morning swim. Enjoy all of these experiences and much on a weekly yacht charter in wonderful Turkey. You will want to experience
a gulet charter in Turkey again and again if you experience only once but don’t
worries there are lots of beauty you can see in a long time.

Most Popular Sailing Destinations in Turkey

Yacht Charter Marmaris / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Marmaris / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Bodrum / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Bodrum / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Fethiye / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Fethiye / Turkey.

Yacht Charter Gocek / Turkey


View all available Gulets & Yachts in Gocek / Turkey.

If you decide to rent a weekly charter yacht in Turkey, you are guaranteed great seascapes and land explorations: on small islands, historic ruins, small villages, together with great heritage and food experiences. Not forgetting sparkling clear seas for swimming or, other seaports. Maybe you simply wish to relax with a book and sunbathe, soaking in the changing landscapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as you dine outdoors on the deck.

Weekly yacht charter also offers other special experiences, imagine beautiful sunsets, viewing the moon and stars and of course sunrise if you choose to sleep on deck. Experience also great snorkelling and take outstanding photos to remind you of this fantastic dream holiday at sea.

Reservations are already very high for2020 in Turkey,
aprivate gulet cruisein
Turkey is the most splendid way for groups of friends and family to uncover
thebeautiful Aegean and Mediterranean
, whether you are celebrating, honeymoon, special birthday
an anniversary or just simply wish to enjoy your summer holiday with your
family and friends, a gulet
has something certain to please and entertain all ages
from the little kids to the big kids at heart.

Please keep in touch with us for a wonderful
gulet charter in Turkey. We will the best we can do to make you happy.

Recommended Gulets in Turkey

Gulet Lucky

27M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Marmaris | Turkey

Gulet Getaway

Bodrum | Turkey

Semercioglu IV

40M | 10 CABINS | 20 GUESTS
Fethiye | Turkey

Gulet Arabella

Gocek | Turkey

Gulet S Dogu

32M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Marmaris | Turkey

Gulet Ipek A

25M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Bodrum | Turkey

Sailing Holidays

38M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Fethiye | Turkey

Sailing Holidays

27M | 8 CABINS | 16 GUESTS
Gocek | Turkey

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