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The Greek Islands are a classic and popular Sailing choice. they offer the sailor many options for anchorages and also protection from any strong weather. In the Summer months there is unbroken sunshine, and mainly north westerly breezes which pick up in varying strengths during the afternoon. So it is possible to plan to these conditions; the more novice sailors can take shelter and the more experienced can enjoy the challenge that the stronger winds offer. There are numerous islands spread through the Aegean south into the Mediterranean Sea, offering numerous route and itinery possibilities. Some of these islands are picturesque and have places of historic interest, others not so inhabited and are more rugged and natural. As well as being interesting places to visit, they provide good shelter and mooring options for the sailor.

The most popular touristic islands are the Cyclades Group centrally situated as you look on the map and include; Mykonos and Santorini (probably the most photographed Greek Island). There are the Sporades and Northern Agean Group to the North, plus the Ionian Group to the far west..

Probably the most popular for sailors are the Dodecanese Group to the east including; Kos, Leros, Kalymnos Tilos Symi and Rhodes. These have the advantage of also being in close proximity to Turkey and many popular destinations for International flight options. Furthermore they facilitate many marinas for chartering yachts and gulets thus giving many Yacht Charter options. Also a whole host of supporting yacht services. So where to start if you are considering exploring the Greek Islands and Chartering a Yacht .
At Gulet Broker we have offices in Marmaris Turkey and Rhodes Greece which allow many start/finnishing options for your voyage including; Rhodes Kos Nearby Marmaris Bodrum and Göcek in Turkey that will afford an interesting Greek Island itinery.

Whether you are and experienced sailor, a novice or just want to relax on a yacht and sightsee. All types of yacht charter are available; Bareboat Sailing boat or Catamarans if you wish with the services of an experienced skipper. Or if you are a larger group of sailing enthusiasts there is the flotilla option where you go in convoy with the aid of professionals. Crewed motor Yacht if you want ultimate luxury and pampering. If you just enjoy relaxing on a yacht that is comfortable and where you enjoy great food served by the crew in an informal atmosphere. Then the traditional Turkish Blue Cruise Gulet is for you. Here there is also a range of options from economy cabin charter to VİP mega gulets whatever your needs and budget you can charter a yacht and enjoy all that the Greek Islands have to offer.

Yacht Rental

Favourites Greek Islands are the Dodecanese with Rhodes, Symi and Kos. But these are some islands to mention. There are hundreds of them with beautiful nature and solitary blue bays. Sail along these islands. Stop here and there and take part in some land excursion or explore the islands on your own. Find you personal dream island. We are sure you will find one!

The Greek Cyclades group of islands are centrally positioned within the Aegean sea. These islands have long been established as popular yacht charter destinations. They can be accessed easily from Greek, or Turkish charter base ports, where there are many and varied choices of yachts for rent. The Cyclades Islands consist of many small and medium sized islands. Some are very pretty and touristic, with places of historical and culteral interest to explore. Whilst others are barely inhabited and have a rugged terrain.

The Cyclades Islands are exposed the the southern and eastern winds during Winter and the northern Meltemi winds generally in July and August, when temperatures are at their highest. So generally early and late season offers the optimum weather conditions for sea voyages. Of course experienced sailors may relish the more challenging wind and sea conditions. For sailing yachts and catamarans there are numerous charter bases for yacht rental, whether you are looking for bareboat, or skippered options.

Some of the larger islands have yacht marina bases. Also, the Greek and Turkish mainland have many yacht charter bases. With crewed options, local Captains will understand the weather conditions and the favourable times to make the longer, open sea journeys, to enable a comfortable cruise for passengers. However,if you prefer calmer conditions in general, it is probably advisable to charter in the Cyclades Islands either early, or late season, when wind and sea conditions are calmer.

The Cyclades islands certainly have much of interest to offer, Mykonos and Santorini are probably the most well known and photographed islands that belong to this group, or indeed among the Greek Isles as a whole. The majority of these islands have small sheltered harbours, providing a wonderful atmosphere, with local tavernas offering healthy Greek mediterrean cuisine, while you take in the whole yacht culture. There are also many historical and geographical features of interest, to explore. The beauty of visiting by yacht is that you can change your location regularly and see so much, that is not normally possible by any other means.

If you are looking to hire a bareboat sailing yacht, it is also possible to rent a sailing yacht with a licensed experienced Captain. For clients who prefer a crewed option to explore the Agean Cyclades Islands, there are also many other choices available. Some high quality, well equipped motor sailer yachts are based in the Cyclades Islands during the summer months offering their services for hire. There are also cruise ships and mini cruisers, mainly operating from Athens, and other Greek bases. A very popular and comfortable crewed yacht charter alternative is Turkish style gulets which offer a very advantageous, alternative option.

They come in different category classifications, according to their size, equipment and facilities. Gulets cater for clients who wish organise a group of friends, or family together and select a yacht rental option to suit their size group, needs and budget preferences. This is a huge opportunity for many people to experience a sea cruise at a preferential level. Plus, a great way to enjoy a sea vacation generally, as there is space comfort and a team of skilled, experienced personnel to cook, and provide full service to their guests who are then free to relax and enjoy the whole amazing experience.

For crewed gulets. there are several charter base ports to embark from including, Athens, Rhodes and Kos, in Greece. In Turkey the best base port for the Cyclades Islands would normally be Bodrum, where you can find a very full range of gulets and yachts including many top quality gulets, which are actually built there. Why not let your yacht charter broker do all the hard organisational work, if you advise your needs, they will offer you some suitable yacht choices, to help make the perfect tailor made yacht charter, for you and your group to cruise the Greek Cyclades Islands.

How is the process of yacht rental ?
There are 2 main alternatives about getting an offer from our customer representatives. BEST OFFER is the first option, you can get the cheapest alternative for the date and location you prefer. You can find the BEST OFFER form below the page. On the other hand, you can follow the 4-step reservation process to choose a yacht and get an offer.

The process of yacht rental is so easy with us, so you can make your reservation in four steps. If you want to discover the amazing nature of Montenegro coasts, you can start with choosing your yacht in the gallery below.

Yacht Charter Greece

Gulet Alessandro
40M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Corfu / Greece
€ 5.000 per day
Gulet Aegean Schatz
30M | 5 CABINS | 10 GUESTS
Base Port : Athens / Greece
€ 2.500 per day
Gulet Gul Maria
37M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum / Turkey
€ 5.000 per day
Gulet Regina
56M | 6 CABINS | 12 GUESTS
Base Port : Bodrum / Turkey
€ 7.850 per day

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