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Göcek and Fethiye are both well located for blue cruise yacht charter in Turkey. Göcek is located just 20 minutes away from Dalaman International airport and Fethiye around 1 hour drive. Göcek is predominently a port, with several marina’s catering for all yachting needs. The small town centre is situated directly next to municipality marina and consists of mainly restaurant’s and shopping to service the needs ot the Yacht owners / agents / guests. It is a popular destination with Sailing enthusiasts, weekly gulet cruises, also many motor yachts are moored here due to the close proximity of Dalaman Airport.

Fethiye as resort has some places of historical interest including; the small amphitheatre and Carved rock tombs which are just a very short walk from the main municipality marina, home to many Turkish Gulets and daily tour boats. The resort also has a shoppng centre, bazaar, many bars and restaurants plus, a famous and popular fish market. Both destinations are situated in the beautiful and interesting Gulf of Göcek, Port Göcek to the North West of the gulf and Fethiye to the South East.

The Gulf of Gocek or otherwise known as Fethiye bay provides a great opportunity to open the sails in the afternoon with the light to medium strength winds. At the same time there are many islands and bays to anchor for protected shelter to just relax. The sightseeing opportunities are immense and include; Hamam köyü where you can swim around ancient ruins in the clear blue sea. Bedri Rahmi Köyü named after a famous turkish artist, Tersane Island, Zeytin Island…… Further afield to the west is Maramaris, Rhodes, Datça and Bodrum.

Fethiye is one of the most famous resorts in Turkey. Laden with history and ancient ruins that tell their own stories, this city is a perfect vacation destination for those who love history and nature. It lies in Mediterranean region and is also a popular International tourist destination. In ancient times, it was named Telmessos. This city was also a part of the great Persian Empire and Ottoman Empire, in different time period. It even has connections to Alexander the great. Later, it was renamed as Fethiye, to honour Fethi Bey. He was a pilot in Ottoman Air Force who was killed during a mission. So, are you excited to visit such historically rich city? If you consider chartering a yacht you will be able to fully explore the whole Fethiye region.

Fethiye is the dream area for every captain, sailor or yachtsman. If you love adventure and nature, then you can’t fail to fall in love with this place. Its coasts, islands and coves hold many beautiful fauna. The breathtaking bays and awesome canyons, will make you feel that this is indeed heaven on earth. Furthermore, if you charter a yacht then you can sail in the beautiful clear blue seas, enjoying quality time. The beauty and the silence of the sea will give you a peaceful feeling. Sometimes, silence and beauty can give you an escape from your normal busy and hectic life. You will be thankful for this opportunity to see God’s gifts. Chartering a yacht you can visit the many secluded islands or bays not reachable by road, as you wish. No one will put forth any rules. It’s you who have chartered the yacht and it’s you who get to decide where you want to go and how you spend this special time. This is the benefit of a private charter.

There are many islands around Fethiye. Normally, yacht cruises from Fethiye include the famous 12 island cruise; Tersane, Yassica, Nicholas to mention a few. You can enjoy a whole day just exploring these 12 islands, which each have their own unique features. Another option is to swim in the blue and pleasant sea relaxing, taking your time. When your yacht has dropped anchor you can swim as if the sea at leisure, as if it belongs to you. You are bound to feel refreshed and relaxed. For that, you will have to experience it yourself. Also, by chartering a yacht you can see the beauty of blue water meeting the green forest first hand, the reflections create the most amazing effects.

There must be very few places, which look different in the day time and night time. In the daytime, you can enjoy the sun and nature’s beauty, at night you can enjoy the silence with just the gentle sound of the lapping water. Especially, if there is a full moon, you can’t fail to fall in love with this place. If you are planning a romantic trip with your partner, then it is guaranteed that you will have a truly memorable experience, relaxed on your yacht together with a bottle of champagne.

The yacht will be your vessel to the past. There is no doubt that this area has many historical connections also. One of the places that you have to visit is Myra. You can observe the rock tombs positioned in the cliffs. You can also visit the Church of St. Nicholas and the remains from Byzantine civilization. Another destination to visit is Kekova, this place truly gives an aura of its ancient past, with its many underwater tombs and ruins. You can also visit the Kalekoy, a fishing village that is filled with a historic feel and castle. Another option could be as you continue with your yacht cruise is Cadianda. This place is covered by the remains of the Lycian civilization. It is possible to see ruins and structures left behind by Greek, Roman and Turkish people.

The ancient sites all have their own story to tell and when you visit them, you will feel as if you are part of that story. After you have taken a trip to the past, you can come back to relax in the beaches and bays around Fethiye. The sunset of Calis Beach is very famous. So, it is worth a visit to that area before your trip comes to an end. This place is perfect for a romantic couple and photographers alike. The sunset picture in this place will always remain in your heart like a beautiful memory.

If you are planning to charter a yacht to Fethiye, then it would be best to do so in the summer months. You will also enjoy the hospitality of people. Plus, the peaceful aura given by the sea. While you are there you can enjoy the historical sites, tombs. All of these places have their own uniqueness. You can also be lazy and lay around the beautiful beaches for some time. After all, a vacation is also about relaxation and doing very little. Maybe a visit to the many market places to do some shopping, where you can get souvenirs for your family and friends. So, when chartering a yacht, consider visiting the beautiful, historically rich and amazing Fethiye region.

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The process of yacht rental is so easy with us, so you can make your reservation in four steps. If you want to discover the amazing nature of Montenegro coasts, you can start with choosing your yacht in the gallery below or click view more for other gulets in the area.

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