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The concept of yacht rental Croatia is so developed in Adriatic coasts. Croatia has a lot of beaches and historical places to see. Every bay, town, and corner has a different history, story and color. A great majority of the coils still offer untouched natural beauties. With its thousands of islands, cliffs, caves and magnificent sandy beaches, it is at the top of the Adriatic Sea's popularity. We invite you to see the turquoise waters of the Dalmatian Coasts to experience the amazing geography of Europe.

If you want to sightsee around the Dalmatian coasts, if you want to swim and discover amazing historical and natural places in there, we offer you to have a yacht rental Croatia. This blue cruise, which you can choose to have a perfect time together with your family or to have fun with your friends, will reach you to the peaks in the effect of your pleasure in blue water of Croatia. You will find affordable yachts and boats in our web site, and you can make a reservation easily. After you have chosen the boat that best suits you from our lovers in the blue voyage, leave yourselves to nature. Do not miss a quality blue tour experience at the best prices.

To make the whole adventure even more fascinating and interesting, you could consider embarking on your yacht in Croatia. Croatia is located on the Adriatic coast and is a historic town based on an island, approximately 27 kilometres west of Split (just 6 kilometres from Split International Airport) Trogir centre is listed with UNESCO as a world heritage site. Therefore, so much of interest as you start and finish your yacht rental Croatia Also, ideally placed for a great yacht cruising itinerary whichever route you opt for. Enjoy cruising the crystal clear seas and exploring the many islands and coves, which also provide great anchorages for swim and meal breaks, not forgetting those lovely overnight stops where you can relax enjoying dinner on deck.

Perhaps later sip a cocktail while stargazıng, or even experience some moonlight swimming during those hot summer months. Crewed gulet type yachts are in good supply in the Trogir area, they ensure comfort and fun for all. Plus, you are taken care of by your own professional crew, who will also cook and serve freshly prepared tasty local dishes. Your dream holiday is easily achievable and waiting for you, simply contact one of our helpful experienced consultants who will help you every step of the way in finding your ideal yacht rental in Croatia.

Dubrovnik and Split
Did you meet with the historical walls and amazing beaches of Dubrovnik ? If you haven't met with this amazing city, you'd missed a lot of things ! The city has two different residence area, the first one is Old Dubrovnik which is surrounded by historical walls, and the New Dubrovnik is the new residence area of the city. The amazing beaches and coasts are in this area. On the other hand,

Split is the biggest city of the Adriatic coasts. You will find a lot of historical buildings and amazing bays around Split city. We can say, Split is an important blue cruise destination for many tourists from different countries all around the world today.

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Affordable Yacht Charter Options
You can check out our special luxury boats, gulets and yachts in Croatian destinations like Croatia, Split, Trogir, Zadar and Sibenik. For the 2017 summer season, we've prepared a special guide for you about the Early Booking concept for 2017. You will find a lot different yachts alternatives in Croatia which are suitable for your budget and summer holiday. Firstly, you can choose a yacht and send inquiry about it. So, you will receive an offer from our customer representative and if you make a confirmation, your yacht will be ready on port at the determined time with professional crew.

How Can You Make a Reservation?
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Recommended Gulets Yacht Charter in Croatia

Gulet Gideon

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Gideon

27m | 8 Cabins | 16 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 8.500 per week

Gulet Gardelin

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Gardelin

28m | 8 Cabins | 16 Guests
Base Port : Zadae - CROATIA

€ 8,200 per week

Gulet Aborda

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Aborda

30m | 7 Cabins | 14 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 10,560 per week

Gulet Luna

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Luna

23m | 8 Cabins | 18 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 22.200 per week


Sailing Holidays with Gulet Romanca

28.40m | 8 Cabins | 16 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 16,500 per week

Gulet Tajna Mora

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Tajna Mora

31m | 9 Cabins | 18 Guests
Base Port : Split - CROATIA

€ 13,500 per week

Gulet Perla

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Perla

30m | 7 Cabins | 14 Guests
Base Port : Sibenik - CROATIA

€ 13.500 per week

Gulet Malena

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Malena

25m | 5 Cabins | 10 Guests
Base Port : Trogir - CROATIA

€ 11,900 per week

Gulet Kadena

Sailing Holidays with Gulet Kadena

32m | 6 Cabins | 12 Guests
Base Port : Trogir - CROATIA

€ 13,500 per week

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