Gulet Yacht Charter in Sicily

Sicily which is the largest island in the Mediterranean, has the most wonderful mix of history from many ancient civilisations such as Greek, Norman, Arab, Byzantines and Roman you will see the traces of our ancestors which lends to a very deep rich heritage full of history and culture this combined with the most wonderful breath taking natural beauty, clean beaches, clear waters and wonderful cuisine make Sicily the most amazing of places place to visit.

You must visit the Valley of the Temples in the town of Agrigento, Syracuse and Taormina are ancient theatres and Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina with the most amazing Roman mosaics of course there is not only history to be found in Sicily but beauty as well with famous beaches and crystal clear surrounding waters visit the Aeolian Islands and enjoy the azure waters and pristine golden beaches.

We must not ever visit Sicily without taking in the sheer power and splendour of Mt Etna, Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe located on the eastern side of the island. This is certainly a sight to behold as you climb and take in the natural beauty and witness the force of the volcano. At the foot hills of Mount Etna, you will discover the lushest of vineyards created from the fertility of the volcanic soil.

Sicily has so much to offer every visitor from all backgrounds from the wonderful historical influences to the power of Mount Etna to wonderful beaches and delicious cuisine, merged from flavours from all around the world, also locally produced olive oil and Sicilian organic lemons add to the depth of flavours, you may also sample some delicious fragrant locally produced wine fermented at the vineyards located at the base of Mount Etna. There is a strong sense of tradition in Sicily and this is reflected at every turn from bustling markets festivals and theatre which express the importance of the islands colourful history and origins. Let us explore all that Sicily has to offer together on a gulet yacht charter.

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