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Discover the wonders of ancient Greece, natural and rugged landscapes with pretty painted houses in quaint villages. Greece has so many groups of islands perfect for sailing, providing many sheltered anchorages. Gulet charter in Greece is phenomenal for exploring this region with the sunny summer climate and clear seas.A comfortable gulet cruise can be enjoyed in the Cyclades and Dodecanese groups of islands, as they are perfectly located in the Aegean Sea. We can offer a range of spacious, crewed gulets for all budgets, in this excellent and famous region.The Cyclades includes favored and iconic islands such as Mykonos and Santorini. It has many options, including postcard-perfect islands. Also, there are many other islands worth seeing; Amorgos is a quiet mountainous island with the most picturesque villages that retain the Greek feel.

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Dodecanese islands group is in the Southern Aegean and close to Turkey. The large and wonderful island of Rhodes is also in this island group. This is an ideal embarkation point, with lots of history, shopping, and beaches.When you select a gulet, not only is it a beautiful and comfortable yacht option, it permits you to be free of the crowds, enjoy wonderful fresh meals prepared on board. Plus, the option for great shore excursions, whilst also relaxing, snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking in quiet bays, is a perfect way to discover and enjoy Greece.Gulet Charter in Greece offers so many itinerary options, for you and your guests to enjoy, a wonderful gulet cruise making many great memories together. Gulet Charter in Greece also offers other islands to the north and Crete to the south if you are looking for something different, however gulet options are more limited in these destinations. Whatever your requirements are in Greece we can assist, please do not hesitate to contact us.Gulet charters are a popular way to experience the Greek islands. There are many options available. Some offer full-service charters while others offer bareboat charters. Here are some things to consider when choosing a gulet for your next yacht charter.

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The Greek Islands provide a wealth of sailing opportunities, and a crewed yacht charter is the best way to experience them. Whether you choose to sail on a traditional gulet, a modern catamaran or a monohull, a yacht charter offers you an unparalleled holiday.Gulet Broker offer All-Inclusive or Half-Board Fully Crewed Charters. Whether you want to enjoy a luxury vacation, spend time with friends or family or explore new horizons, a yacht charter provides the perfect way to experience all of Greece’s enchanting islands.A crewed yacht charter in Greece is a luxury travel experience, blending ancient sites with modern comforts. Guests will also enjoy fine gastronomy and an adventure-filled trip.With a crewed gulet, you will get a professional chef who prepares fresh, organic, and local cuisine. Chefs will use ingredients to create meals that are crafted to your individual tastes.There are a variety of gulets to suit any budget. Gulets are traditional wooden vessels that are designed to sail along the Turquoise Coasts. These gulets can accommodate any number of guests. They are popular because they offer an authentic experience.Usually, a full-board holiday is arranged for gulets. In addition to gourmet meals, guests can take advantage of water toys, such as jet skis and diving equipment. Many gulets also allow guests to visit ancient ruins in Athens, or to enjoy a chic party on Mykonos.When cruising with a skipper, he is responsible for navigating and managing the boat, dealing with port controls, and ensuring the safety of passengers. However, he will not clean the vessel. He must ensure that all safety regulations are met, and he must speak reasonable English.

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A gulet charter in Greece is an ideal way to explore the islands. These are traditional wooden yachts that are used for sailing. The vessels are comfortable and have plenty of amenities. They have a galley, bar, salon and cabins. Gulets are also popular for team building activities.When you book a gulet, you will find that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the itinerary. This means you can visit some of the most beautiful islands in the country. There are several island groups, and each of them has its own personality.Some of the most common islands for a gulet charter in Greece include Spetses, Corfu and Lefkas. You can also try to visit the Dodecanese Islands, which are located along the Turkish coast.As you sail through the Greek islands, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean. You can also take advantage of the water sports that are offered during your charter. Among these are windsurfing, snorkeling and diving.The best time to book a gulet is during the spring or autumn months, when the weather is pleasant. However, if you want to avoid the crowds, consider visiting Greece during the mid-season.Besides having a fun time, the best thing about a gulet is the variety of islands it can visit. There are thousands of islands in Greece. So, you’ll definitely find an island that suits your style of sailing.One of the best places to sail in Greece is in the Saronic Gulf. Here, you can explore dazzling islands like car-free Hydra and Aegina.

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Gulet Broker Private yacht charter excursions are perfect for people who wish to see the Greek Islands in style. They can be customized and allow you to go to places you have never been before.Greece is a popular tourist destination. With more than 6000 islands, the country offers a number of beautiful beaches. You can find paradise-like stretches of sand in Greece, ranging from hidden coves to crystal clear waters.Whether you want to spend an intimate night in a secluded cove, or want to sail around the entire island, a private yacht charter can be the perfect option. A gulet, in particular, provides you with the opportunity to enjoy all the comforts of a luxury hotel.Gulets are typically larger than a sailing yacht, and offer many open spaces. This includes a sun pad on the front deck, an alfresco dining area, and air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms.Depending on your preferences, a gulet can accommodate almost 25 passengers. For a more comfortable and relaxing stay on board, a skipper can be hired. Oftentimes, a gulet is more affordable than other types of charter.Greece is a popular destination for summer holidays, but the temperature is often warmer in July. During this time, sailing in Greece is relatively pleasant.Greece is home to cosmopolitan cities, ancient towns, and countless islands. Guests can discover ruins, explore hidden coves, and participate in adrenaline pumping water sports.When you book a gulet, you’ll be able to choose between skippered or self-drive excursions. Usually, the skipper will take guests to secluded bays and snorkeling spots. He can also provide recommendations for local restaurants and activities.

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