Private Gulet Yacht Charter in Italy

Italy must be on one of the most ideal destinations for a gulet charter with beautiful coastal areas to discover a deep and rich history and of course the famous Italian cuisine, the best pasta and pizza in the world of course!! A gulet charter in Italy allows the chance to discover and explore quaint coastal villages and towns secluded bays and beautiful beaches and famous land marks.

Italy’s coastline is not world famous for nothing ,the stunning natural beauty, culture and traditions make Italy a perfect option for a gulet charter. Discover the renowned Amalfi Coast, famous for its rugged coast with high cliffs, quaint villages, and iconic names such as Positano and Capri. Sardinia and Sicily are another two jewels to discover, with charming sea side villages the most perfect and clear waters and spotless beaches. The Italian Riviera will leave you enchanted with its naturally beautiful rugged coastline and many wonderful towns and villages to uncover during your gulet charter in Italy.

Of course we must highlight the world famous and delicious Italian cuisine steeped in years of traditions with many recipes passed through the generations the chance to enjoy local fresh authentic Italian food such as freshly made carbonara made with all local ingredients and secret recipes, a pizza made in a wood oven the traditional way and not forgetting fresh seafood and Italian risotto these delights certainly must be high on the advantages of a gulet charter in Italy. For those of you with a sweeter tooth gelato and tiramisu will hit the spot for certain. Couple this with the wonderful wines and local organic fresh produce you are certainly in store for a taste bud sensation.

A gulet charter in Italy offers to you an amazing sailing experience from quaint coastal villages to the more upscale vibrant towns with deep history, rich culture, long standing traditions, natural beauty and breath taking memorable views, delightful cuisine and an unforgettable adventure, contact us today to begin your gulet charter in Italy.

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