A Gulet Yacht Charter Adventure

Let us take you on a journey through The Mediterranean, luxury surroundings, natural beauty and a chance of adventure make the Mediterranean an irresistible destination for a gulet yacht charter, whether your first time or one of our repeat guests a gulet yacht charter certainly has something for everyone. Iconic landmarks, quaint coastal towns and villages crystal clear waters and wonderful beaches are just a few of the many reasons why a gulet yacht charter in the Mediterranean has so many different aspects. Here we will dive into the wonderful world of gulet yacht chartering in the Mediterranean and show to you the highlights.

Destinations with Diversity

If you are looking for a destination with a myriad of diverse cultures and a unique charm, then The Mediterranean is just for you. Exploring sun-soaked beaches and discovering hidden coves, vibrant nightlife and exquisite local delicacies and cuisine. Sailing through the Greek Islands, where tradition, history clearest of blue waters and sleepy villages with white washed houses. Experience the unrivalled coastline of Croatia visiting the old town of Dubrovnik and the party island of Hvar. Uncover Turkey and all its hidden historical treasures and natural beauty a gulet charter in the Mediterranean extends everyone the opportunity for this perfect blend.

Natural Beauty

The Mediterranean is famous for its combination of breath taking natural beauty, stunning coastlines dotted with picture perfect Island and crystal clear waters, combining stunning coastlines, picturesque islands, and azure waters. The volcanic landscapes of Santorini in Greece will leave you in awe, discover Kotor in Montenegro with its beautiful rugged bay often compared to a fjord. Pristine beaches and secludes bays with pine clad back drops await you in the Turkish Riviera. The Mediterranean’s ever changing scenery and wonderful natural beauty provides an intoxicating mix for your gulet yacht charter experience.

Discover Culture and History

Each area of the Mediterranean is deep with cultural and historical gems, uncover the remains and artefacts from ancient civilizations. Explore archaeological wonders of Ephesus, Dubrovnik, Knidos and Istanbul, where you can visit many iconic landmarks. Here you can walk in the footstep of your ancestors. Absorb all of the Mediterranean culture via the music, art, wonderful cuisine and many traditions. A gulet charter in the Mediterranean offers a world of cultural experiences waiting to be uncovered.

Gastronomic Wonders

The wonderful plethora of Mediterranean cuisine is world famous and an absolute must visit for food lovers from all across the globe, from a mix of mezes made of course with locally grown olive oil in Turkey and Greece to the wonderfully tasty squid risotto in Croatia each Mediterranean country boasts its very own unique and delicious cuisine. Fresh seafood and locally fresh organic fruit and vegetables are paramount to any Mediterranean food table.

Endless Activities

A gulet yacht charter in the Mediterranean extends to you a vast array of activities with something that will certainly suit all ages and interests. Imagine diving into azure blue crystal clear waters directly from your gulet, discover vibrant marine life whilst snorkelling and uncover hidden under water caves. Enjoy exhilarating water sports such as jet skiing, wake boarding, and windsurfing. Watch the sunrise whilst paddle boarding in a secluded bay you will be enchanted with secluded beaches and which are only reachable by boat, where you can decide between relaxing, swimming or soaking up the Mediterranean sun.


A gulet yacht charter in the Mediterranean promises you the most memorable and unforgettable adventure where you will experience and enjoy delectable cuisine, breath taking natural beauty a rich and diverse history and culture be enchanted and discover all the region has to give you to create lasting memories.


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