Gulet Yacht Charter in Zadar

Zadar must truly be one of the hidden jewels of the Dalmatian coast, Zadar enchants all of its visitors with the most amazing mix of history, culture and beautiful natural landscapes, the city of Zadar is rapidly becoming one of Croatia’s must visit places once you visit you will certainly understand why, as the ancient allure and modern charm of the city captivates you. So let’s explain some of the reasons why we advise to visit Zadar during your gulet charter.

Zadar has an eclectic mix of attractions from the modern art you will find located at the waterfront the famously known Sea Organ and the Sun salutation which release music and light sensations both reflecting on the beauty and sounds of the ocean and the solar system to the relics from the roman empire such as the well preserved roman forum and St. Donatus Church which reflects the Byzantine era both are iconic symbols in Zadar. The ancient city gates and walls of Zadar then take us back in time again to the Venetian era as you wander through the streets of the old town you will discover palaces and also a religious influence the church of St Simeon dates back to medieval times and the cathedral of St Anastasia is also a must visit if not for the architecture alone.

Another part of Zadar’s charm must also be its stunning location on the Adriatic coast with the most beautiful promenade where you can watch the most stunning of sunsets to the advantage of being so close to the Kornati islands which is one of the most famous group of islands to visit in Croatia renowned for wonderfully clean blue waters and breath taking natural landscapes.

So to summarise Zadar is a jewel in the Adriatic with something that will surely appeal to everyone young or old from immersing yourself in history, soaking up all the culture and simply enjoying the beauty that surrounds you we are sure that you will soon agree that Zadar is a place that will leave you with the very best of memories and steal a small piece of your heart.

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