Blue Cruises in Zadar

Zadar is an important tourism destination and famous for its amazing sunset landscape. Most of the people from different cities or countries visit Zadar city to see the amazing sunset view. In addition, we also offer you to rent a yacht to see the amazing landscape of sunset in Zadar Blue Cruises. This city is so lucky because there are a lot of different blue cruise routes which have a stop on the Zadar coasts. When you hear the word of Zadar, most people will remember the amazing sunset landscape. Also, there are many historical buildings and natural beauties in this city. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best services of blue cruises in Zadar with our professional cabin crew.



With our luxury yachts and gulets, we offer a memorable blue cruise experience on the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatian coasts. You can sunbathe, swim, relax and enjoy at the same time. We have special blue cruise routes, but if you want, you can determine your special route. The main routes in Zadar city are like that : Zadar – Dubrovnik – Split and Zadar – Trogir – Hvar- Zadar. But, we need to remember you that there is an option to provide your special route in different locations of Croatia. Finally, if you want to see the amazing sunset landscape, you should rent a yacht and visit the hidden beaches and bays of Zadar, Croatia.

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